Extreme Cold Weather Boots Women’s – Definition, Features & Benefits

Extreme Cold Weather Boots Women’s - Definition, Features & Benefits

Lady escapades during extreme cold weather conditions require women’s extreme cold weather boots (and other gear). But what do such boots present in the first place? Today, we are dedicating our post to them entirely, along with the definition, their features, and the benefits they offer. Definition of Extreme Cold Weather Boots As the name … Read more

What Are Postillion Boots?

What are postillion Boots

If you have ever seen postillion boots, it must have been during a visit to a museum. Or on a postillion. Still confused? Well, let us then briefly define what are postillion boots, and what are postillions in the first place. Postillions are people who guide a horse-drawn post chaise or a coach. As opposed … Read more

What Are Paddock Boots?

what are paddock boots

To all the riders out there, who are still in the search of their new pair of boots- here comes an article entirely dedicated to you. Equestrian boots have so many different styles and we often tend to get confused about the various differences between them. For example, you may have probably heard about them, … Read more

What Are Jodhpur Boots?

What Are Jodhpur Boots

With wintertime’s very peak approaching, many of us are still in the research of the perfect pair of new boots. If you are up for a change from classic ankle-height designs, today we are writing about a somehow forgotten boot style. Do you know already what are jodhpur boots? Perhaps, you even decide to get … Read more

DIY Guide: Hunter Boots Cracking Repair

Hunter Boots Cracking Repair

Hunter boots are one of the ultimate footwear choices for hunters around the world. They are known to be high-end boots. But occasionally it does happen for them to crack. It that happened to your boots too, there is no need to panic, as today we are sharing our Hunter boots cracking repair procedure. Before … Read more

Top 10 Best Steel Toe Boots for Comfort

Best Steel Toe Boots for Comfort

Working in hazardous conditions requires quality protective gear, and one of the most important parts of such gear is most likely a solid pair of highly protective boots. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that long working hours need to be painful. Or, at least, not while wearing the best steel toe boots for … Read more