Are Desert Boots in Style? (Explained with Example)

Desert boots have been an essential part of our wardrobes for many years now. Both ladies and gentlemen like to wear them, but we somehow prefer seeing them on real gents. But are desert boots in style even after all those years?

Let us try answering that question together.

What are Desert Boots?

Before we begin, it is probably welcomed to define what they are first.

Desert boots are a type of chukka boots. They come in ankle-heights and are, as their name explains itself, adapted to hot weather conditions.

They mostly come in suede or brush leather fabrics and we see them around in light colors, such as beige or grey. Although, there are several black versions of such boots which look simply amazing.

Are Desert Boots in Style?

Now that we are sure of what they are, let us answer the big question. It will only take us six words: of course, they are in style.

Desert boots make one of that ultimately classic footwear which will never ever go out of style. Real gents will wear them during casual walks, both on sand and on city streets. Additionally, they make a great choice for summer or spring days at the office. Why would anyone not wear them?

Need an example to confirm our answer? Simply check the photo we’ve featured, then. Can anyone object and say these famous gents are not classy or stylish? We wouldn’t dare. On top of that, David Beckham is known to be quite the desert boot lover, actually.

Wrapping Up

We hope that our answer to the big question from today’s title was helpful. And convincing enough.

If you are one of those men who returned his desert boots to the closet waiting for better days to arrive, we dare you to get them out and take a walk in them.

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