What Are Paddock Boots?

To all the riders out there, who are still in the search of their new pair of boots- here comes an article entirely dedicated to you. Equestrian boots have so many different styles and we often tend to get confused about the various differences between them. For example, you may have probably heard about them, but do you know exactly what are paddock boots?

Well, if you are still not entirely certain about that, keep on reading, and you will soon find out more.

What Are Paddock Boots?

These boots are, actually, terribly similar to jodhpur boots.

They also come in ankle-heights, which makes them ideal for pleasure horse riding. And, additionally, they are quite easy to walk in. Paddock boots are the first choice for many riders around the world because of that. And not only because of that, but also because they offer several other advantages when compared to tall boots. For instance, they have an easy fit, very similar to classic walking boots. Additionally, they are quite simple to clean and maintain, and are a great companion for summer or spring rides, when weather temperatures are higher.

As opposed to jodhpur boots, paddocks come in thicker leather, but also with thicker soles. To add to that, they are usually either laced or zipped up at their front, not on their sides.

Paddock boots are extremely comfortable to wear. Some riders may think that they are not functional enough, but a simple matching game with half chaps will perfectly allow the same features as tall boots.

We can mostly see paddock boots around in classic black colors and, we have to admit, they look really elegant and classy.


We hope that our brief writing about paddock boots, along with our previous articles about other equestrian boots, helped in making clearer all these different boot styles.

Which riding boot style do you prefer, ankle-high or taller?

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