What Are Jodhpur Boots?

With wintertime’s very peak approaching, many of us are still in the research of the perfect pair of new boots. If you are up for a change from classic ankle-height designs, today we are writing about a somehow forgotten boot style. Do you know already what are jodhpur boots?

Perhaps, you even decide to get them as your next pair of winter boots.

A Bit of History

Originally, Jodhpur boots were crafted around the 1920s, for the purpose of riding. In this case, the first people to wear such boots were polo riders.

They share many similarities with paddock boots, another popular type of equestrian boots.

This boot type comes from India, which explains the name very clearly. Indeed, Jodhpur is a city of Rajasthan, an Indian state.

Today, Jodhpur boots are available not only as riding boots, but as a fashion-friendly choice of footwear, too. And we are simply in love with their plain, yet elegant looks.

What Are Jodhpur Boots?

Jodhpur boots always come in ankle-heights. We can mostly see them around in suede and leather fabrics, and their color choices vary from black to brown palettes. Additionally, they have a round toe shape, as well as low heels.

The vamp is sewn on top of the quarters, and there are usually two straps, each attached to the vamp. Such straps are then held together with the help of a buckle. In some modern versions, however, they have no straps, but elasticated sides instead. Very similar to Chelsea boots.

Modern gentlemen like wearing their versions of jodhpur boots not only for riding, but for city walks instead, or you can use it as a horse riding boots. They make a real classy pair of footwear, ideal for office outfits, too.


We hope that our brief article helped with answering the question and defining what jodhpur boots are.

We love seeing them both on riders and on city outfits. How about you? Do you own a pair already?

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