What Are Mountain Combat Boots?

Mountain troopers require appropriate footwear while doing their job. If for a brief second you thought they wear hiking boots, here is a tiny spoiler alert: they don’t. Instead, we will be answering the question: what are mountain combat boots?

In brief words, such type of footwear is actually a combination between hiking boots and combat boots.

They are crafted in several countries around the world, and the most popular probably arrive from the USA, but also from Germany, France, and Argentina. Each of them is carefully adapted to the needs of their soldiers. Today, we will be describing the classic and universal features of such boots.

What Are Mountain Combat Boots?

As just explained above, they represent a fusion of hiking and combat boots.

They keep the functionality of combat boots, providing great support and stability to feet. Additionally, they offer enough flexibility in the movements, so that those who wear them can get the maximum performance boost possible.

Adding to that, what they take from hiking boots is high grip on uneven terrains such as mountains, which is provided by extra rugged soles. They mostly come in ankle-heights, covering the ankles firmly and providing them protection and stability.

Mountain combat boots are waterproof, have quick lacing systems, cushioned insoles, and a rubber rand. All these features increase their durability, practicality, and added comfort for long walking hours.

All in all, these boots make a high-quality and functional pair of reliable outdoor companions. And, in some European countries, they even make an official part of parade uniforms.


We hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about this unique kind of military boots.

Have you ever had a chance of wearing them yourself? Or, at least, seeing them on a professional mountain trooper? We would be more than happy to read your comments.  

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