7 Tips to Buy Pointed Boots

Pointed toe shoes are probably one of the most elegant footwear types on the planet. And pointed boots are the winter alternative to such classy looks. So, if you are thinking to get a pair for yourself this year, here are our tips to buy pointed boots. We hope they will come handy.

7 Tips to Buy Pointed Boots

  1. Try them on in the evening hours. Pointed boots have a quite tighter fit when compared to most other boot styles. If you are lucky enough to try them on into a store, we highly suggest doing so. Also, make sure to try them on at the end of the day, when your feet are already swollen and tired.
  2. Watch out for the insole type. Stiletto pointed boots, for instance, look amazing but can be uncomfortable to wear. That is why choosing comfortable and high-quality insoles is super important. If you plan on wearing them more than once.
  3. Make sure you have the perfect fit. Pointed toe boxes are much different from square and rounded ones, and an inappropriate fit can be quite painful. Your arches must have a good support and your toes must feel snug but not tight, allowing movements.
  4. Choose the appropriate heel type for yourself.There are so many heel options with this type of boots, so make sure to pick the one in which you will feel good.
  5. Order half-size up. If you are ordering your boots online, try ordering half-size larger first.
  6. Double-check the return policy before making the purchase. Even if you feel that you guessed your size right, in a week or two it may feel different with pointed toe footwear. So, make sure you can return them if needed.
  7. Add a point preserver to your shopping basket. Before completing your purchase, it is good to also get a point preserver. It costs almost nothing and will be quite helpful.


Now that all tips are out, we are ready for our next planning session to buy new pointed boots for ourselves. Aren’t you?

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