Step by Step Guide: How to Wear Combat Boots with Skinny Jeans

Black or blue, ripped or not, long or ankle-length… we love skinnies, and we love matching them with our favorite pair of city boots. And this season, our ultimate choice are combat boots. So, how to wear combat boots with skinny jeans? Here comes our step-by-step guide.

Before we start, let us write a sentence or two about how great combat boots are. Those usually black and soft-leather boots come in ankle heights and look simply amazing. The grunge touch they add to every single combination is something we are in love with.

Combat Boots and Tucked-In Skinny Jeans

We usually prefer tucking our jeans in higher boots than combat boots, as there is always a high possibility of your jeans not fitting nice around the ankles. However, if your jeans are super skinny around ankles and there is no room for wrinkles, go ahead and tuck them into your combat boots.

Combat Boots and Ankle-High Skinny Jeans

This is surely one of our favorite combinations for city walks. Ankle-high skinnies will look amazing on combat boots, and that bit of skin leg which is showing between them adds a bit more to the edgy look.  

If the weather is really cold outside, simply wear a pair of thick wool socks and it will surely look very cool.

Combat Boots and Rolled-Up Skinny Jeans

We saved our most favorite possibility of how to wear combat boots with skinny jeans for last.

If you roll your skinnies up just a bit, we promise you that your combat boots will stand out completely and will look simply great.

Whatever is your choice of skinny jeans, any outfit will look effective when adding a maxi sweater on top. Additionally, we love styling them with leather jackets during autumn and with long coats during wintertime. Blazers also simply love being paired with skinny jeans and combat boots.

Your combat boots can either be laced up to the top or left slightly looser- all depending on how you feel that day.  Strictly edgy or casually loose?


We are sure that, whichever of the above you decide to choose, you will look both urban and trendy. Combat boots paired with your favorite pair of skinny jeans are such an easy styling option, but always effective. We promise, you will not be disappointed.

If you care to share your opinions or suggestions on how to wear combat boots with skinny jeans, we will be thrilled to read them.

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