DIY Guide: How to Wear Riding Boots with Jeans

Riding boots are, obviously, intended for horse riding. However, they simply look so amazing on our legs and we cannot resist to styling them for city walks, too. So, here comes a brief guide on how to wear riding boots with jeans- our favorite and coziest choices.

Riding boots, as you may know, come in different styles. Some of them are low, like paddock or jodhpur boots. But today, we are focusing on tall riding boots only. We simply find them pure classy.

Before we begin, we have to point out that all of the jeans selection are skinnies. The reason for that is quite simple: riding boots, such as field or dress boots, are high but also tight. Such design brings to an amazing silhouette and we passionately believe that it can only be paired with really tight jeans.

Some Common Outfits

Well, here are some common outfit that you may love. So, keep reading to know more.

White Jeans and Maxi Sweaters for Simple Elegance

To start, here is our favorite outfit choice ever.

A white pair of skinnies will look simply amazing on every kind of tall riding boots. Both black and brown palettes will do a great pairing outfit with your favorite white jeans. Add a same-colored bag and a maxi cozy sweater, and a simple yet elegant style is guaranteed.

Black Jeans and Blazers for Smart Business

Black skinnies, combined with a pair of riding boots and a nice blazer on top, are what makes an effective smart business look. Here, you can easily obtain super classy all-black looks, but styles with a colored or a checked blazer will also look amazing. Under your blazer, you can wear a simple turtleneck or even a nice blouse.

We wear such outfits not only during office hours, but also for a drink with lady friends afterwards.

Blue Jeans and Long Cardigans for Casual Comfort

Long cardigans are what we wear when wanting to feel super comfortable but to look nice at the same time. And once we pair them up with our favorite riding boots and an oversized bag, a casual but stylish look is obtained.

To complete such look, add a cool shirt under your cardigan. Or even an oversized warm scarf.


Riding boots were reserved for the upper-class for many years, so it is easy to conclude why they look so classy and elegant. The silhouette we achieve when wearing them is simply amazing, and today we refuse not to wear them in urban environments, too.

We hope you found your ideal outfit among our suggestions on how to wear riding boots with jeans. Which one is your favorite?

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