DIY Guide: Hunter Boots Cracking Repair

Hunter boots are one of the ultimate footwear choices for hunters around the world. They are known to be high-end boots. But occasionally it does happen for them to crack. It that happened to your boots too, there is no need to panic, as today we are sharing our Hunter boots cracking repair procedure.

Before we start, please take a moment to double-check if you have any active warranty for them. As most high-quality functional boots, Hunter boots also often come with quality guarantees. Depending on the conditions you agreed on upon buying your boots, warranty timelines can go from six months to up to two years. Ideally, you can simply send them back for repair or even get a brand-new pair of boots in exchange.

However, if this is not your case, please do not worry. We are going to write in more details.

Hunter Boots Cracking Repair Procedure

Aquaseal SR is one of the best products when it comes to any kind of boot repairs. It can easily be found online. And it comes at pretty affordable prices.

Before applying it to your boots, make sure that the cracked parts of boots are extremely clean and dry. Otherwise, you may be risking of not getting the desired results.

Simply apply the product to the cracks. Please be careful to apply it along the entire length of each crack and allow the product to extend at least half inch on all sides. You should check if it is intake or not with the intake seal.

Once that is completed, leave your boots to dry completely.

And they are ready for your next outdoor adventure!


Investing in a high-quality pair of boots is always a good idea. They will last longer, and you may even get a guarantee.

However, if you ever get your Hunter boots to crack and you wish to fix them yourself, we hope our DIY guide will come handy.

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