How to Wear Platform Boots with Jeans?

Platform boots are one of those footwear styles which one can either adore or hate. And this year, they seem being loved more than loathed. We manage to see them wherever we go. So, why not sharing some tips on how to wear platform boots with jeans?

These usually black boots are a great choice for casual but impressive outfits, and they surely make a monumental piece of statement footwear. Who could not notice them?

With Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are probably one of the favorite and most common choices when it comes to matching games with any boot style. They look amazing on any boots as they can be often simply tucked into them, but still leaving a nice leg silhouette. Add a maxi sweater on top for winter feels. And, alternatively, you can also slightly roll up your skinnies for more edgy looks.

With MOM Jeans

What an urban combo! We love how ankle-high or rolled up MOM jeans look on purely black platform boots. Complete the look with a same-colored belt and tuck in your most comfortable turtleneck on top.

This year, it is all about comfort and coziness. We are so used to that by now that we refuse not to feel cozy even on the rare occasions we manage to hang out. And, on top of that, such grungy feel simply makes urban days pure fun.

With Flared Jeans

We saved the original 90s style for last.

Platform boots in a matching game with long or cropped flares look simply amazing on every urban lady. And really makes us want to go back to one of the rave parties of that era.

Complete such look with a cropped sweater, blazer, or leather jacket.


We can’t decide which combo suits us better these days. What about you? How do you like to wear your platform boots and favorite jeans?

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