Extreme Cold Weather Boots Women’s – Definition, Features & Benefits

Lady escapades during extreme cold weather conditions require women’s extreme cold weather boots (and other gear). But what do such boots present in the first place?

Today, we are dedicating our post to them entirely, along with the definition, their features, and the benefits they offer.

Definition of Extreme Cold Weather Boots

As the name says itself, extreme cold weather boots are such type of footwear which guarantees protection from super cold outside factors. In the USA, people consider temperature ranges from minus twenty to minus sixty (-20 to -60) degrees Fahrenheit. Quite of a task, isn’t it?

Originally, such boots were crafted for the USA Forces and were quite inexpensive. Today, they are worn by civilian around the world, too. And there are so many choices available for women.

By definition, there are two different types of such boots and they wear funny nicknames: Bunny boots & Mickey Mouse boots.

Features of Women’s Extreme Cold Weather Boots

These winter boots are quite large and completely waterproof. However, their main role is to protect from cold.

They feature outsoles in low temperature fabrics to prevent cracks under so freezing conditions. Additionally, they have multiple layers of insole. On top of that, they have so thick insulation that they can be pretty heavy to wear sometimes.

Main Benefits

The main benefit, but also purpose, is to offer protection to feet during the coldest conditions possible. That is why we can see them during Alaska expeditions.

They also provide comfort for hours and hours of walking, as well as enough flexibility for easier movements.

And finally, something we never intend to give up on: there are so many fashion-friendly choices available. Colored or snow-white faux fur details look simply amazing on them.


We hope you enjoyed our brief writing about the queens of supreme wintertime: the women’s extreme cold weather boots.  

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