What Are Jump Boots?

After describing several other types of military boots, today’s writing is all about what are jump boots.

We can mostly see them on Paratroopers and on Airborne Forces during their skydiving or other type of activities which include rough landings. But not only, as they are often presented during parades or other special occasions, too.

Before we get to describing how they look, let us write a few sentences about their history.

A Bit of History

Many countries have their own versions of jump boots, and most of them were crafted during World War II. The necessity of providing additional protection to soldiers was extremely high around that time, as many of them experienced various injuries when jumping from planes.

When it comes to the USA, it is lieutenant general William P. Yarborough who we should thank for starting the production of such boots. Indeed, he was the first to design jump boots, in 1941. Such original design is still in production.

What Are Jump Boots?

The main purpose of such type of combat boots is to offer protection to jumpers during rough landings.

Mostly in lighter leather fabrics and black colors, these boots are usually mid-calf high. They feature secure front lacing systems, heel counters, and reinforced toe caps.

Such solutions provide support both to ankles and toes during almost any kind of combat jump, which is obviously essential and crucially important.

Most jumpers use to lace their boots up in a cobweb style. This adds to the ankle support during jumps but is also a nice part of their tradition.


We hope you found our brief definition and description of jump boots helpful or, at least, interesting to read.

Do you have any experience with seeing jump boots or, even better, with wearing them? We would be thrilled to read any comments you care to leave.

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