What Are the Best Jungle Boots?

Soldiers and officers require extra protection during all kind of weather and terrain conditions, to ensure they can focus on their activities instead of experiencing foot pain or discomfort. After describing what they wear during desert expeditions and what they wear when combat jumping, here comes a brief explanation of what are the best jungle boots. Yes, they do require a different type of boot for jungle expeditions, too.

What Makes the Best Jungle Boots?

What is really important is to offer stability to feet while walking on uneven terrain, but to also not allow overheating.

Jungle areas are extremely humid but also hot, so breathable fabrics are a big must. The most common solution is to use a combination of soft leather and Gore-Tex materials. This will allow for feet to breathe but, at the same time, for boots to be more durable. On top of that, most of them also feature vent holes in the instep, to increase the breathability of the boots to an even higher level.

As for the rest, they look quite similar to standard combat boots. They all have a front lacing system with long-lasting laces, anti-grip soles (Panama is surely the most popular sole type today), and waterproof fabrics.

What Are the Best Jungle Boots?

When it comes to producers, one of the most popular is surely Smith & Wesson, and they are believed to be crafting one of the best tactical boots ever, including jungle boots.

However, there are certainly other high-quality producers, too.


Soldiers and officers deserve the best protection possible when it comes to their expeditions.

When it comes to really hot and humid environments, such as jungles, it is crucial for them to wear the best jungle boots. And today we have defined all features that the best of the best should offer.

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