What Are Desert Combat Boots?

Combat boots have probably been one of the most popular types of boots for a couple of seasons now. Especially the fashion-friendly styles which we love wearing out in the city. But did you know there are actually several types of such boots available? If you have not, here is a brief article answering the question: what are desert combat boots?

Spoiler alert: they are not even black.

A Bit of History

Even if desert combat boots are generally thought to be coming from chukka boots which British and Australian forces used to wear in Africa, the modern combat version is mostly likely inspired by boots that the Royal Saudi Land Force used to wear.

General Norman Schwarzkopf is thought to have asked for several modifications of the Saudi boots and, several years later, the first prototype of desert combat boots was created.

What Are Desert Combat Boots?

Many and many modifications after the first prototype, the modern versions of such boots are extremely functional and practical. And good-looking, too.

They mostly come in light colors, such as sand or beige. Additionally, the fabrics are noticeably light and super breathable. These features allow for feet not to overheat during hot weather conditions. On top of that, some variations of such boots come with functional midsole heat barriers.

Very similarly to classic black leather combat boots, the desert alternatives also feature a front lacing system (often with nylon coated eyelets to allow a quick suit up), anti-grip soles and comfortable cushioned insoles.


Last but not least, we can conclude with stating that these boots are super useful to the military, but we can often see them on civilian urban outfits, too. And we can totally imagine ourselves wearing them during an edgy desert music festival. Can’t you?

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