How To Wear High Heeled Ankle Boots (DIY Tips)

Winter has just started, and we look forward to all the fashion matching games it brings. Even if this year is so special and transforms tracksuits and pajamas into our favorite outfit choices, we still refuse giving up on wearing our dearest high heeled boots. And today, it’s all about ankle heights. So, here is a list of our tips on how to wear high heeled ankle boots.

Stiletto Heels & Straight Cut Trousers for Office Smarties

For those ladies who are lucky enough to be working at the office, even during these unprecedented times, here is a classic and smart solution.

Stiletto ankle boots certainly add a touch of elegance to every outfit, and we love matching them with our favorite straight cut trousers. Both trouser lengths which cover boots (you can play with pointed-toe boots here, too) and those who only reach until ankles will look amazing. Style them with your favorite blazer and long winter coat on top, and a smarty look is guaranteed.

Chunky Heels & Sweater Dress for Urban Comfort

This is one of our dearest outfits for several seasons already.

Chunky ankle boots are the perfect combination between high heels and comfort, and we are simply in love with them. They look so great, are easy to style and we can not resist to all that comfort while walking in them. Styling them with your maxi sweater dress will bring the perfect combination out. So warm and comfy!

Sock Style Boots & Sparkling Mini-Dress for Party Funkies

Yes, we are completely aware there will be no New Year’s Eve parties around the world this year. But why not doing your own at home, even if just to video chat with your friends?

Sock style boots are the perfect choice for this year if you ask us. And, of course, everything is better when you add sparkles.


Which suggestion on how to wear high heeled ankle boots is the most suitable for you? We would love to read your opinions, so please feel free to share them.  

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