The Difference Between Field Boots vs Dress Boots

Love to know the differences between field boots vs dress boots? Just keep reading. You will learn by revealing both boots.

Field and dress boots are both type of equestrian boots, which we wrote about already. If you’d like to check our article on equestrian boots before you continue reading this one, you can easily find it with just a click here.

Field and dress boots are both tall boots, reaching to knees, and we mostly see them in black color.

These types of boots are usually worn by riders who compete in jumper and dressage disciplines.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s see what the main differences between these two types of boots are.

Field Boots

Their name comes from the tradition of officers ranked with ˝field grade˝ to wear them when in cavalries.

Field boots are usually made out of soft black leather and are easily recognized by the lacing they have at vamp only. These features allow the feet to have great flexibility in the ankles, which makes them the perfect boot for any kind of jumping activity. Indeed, we can mostly see them on riders who perform jump disciplines, but also by mounted patrols and by motorcycle riding police officers.

Additionally, field boots are lower on the inside and higher on the outside, which is known as the Spanish cut.

Dress Boots

Although very similar to field boots when it comes to looks, dress boots are slightly different from the first ones. For instance, they don’t have any lacing. Secondly, even If some versions come in same soft leather, they are usually made out of stiffer leather.

Their design, being very similar to the design of field boots, allows the rider to easily take different jump positions. That is why we mostly see dress boots on dressage riders and on show jumpers.

Dress boots are so popular that they even developed a subset, the hunt boots. These have a cuff of colored leather on the top of the boots. We particularly associate hunt boots with fox hunting.


Although both field and dress boots are popular types of equestrian boots which can be helpful for almost any kind of rider, there are a few differences between them. These consist mainly in lacing, leather types and tiny design modifications. Such differences bring to them being used for different horse-riding disciplines, and we hope this article helped a bit in providing a clearer view of these.

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