What Does Cavalry Jackboots Mean?

Do you know what does Cavalry Jackboots mean?

Ever heard of this boots?

If you have wondered what those are, or if you heard only about jackboots but not specifically cavalry ones, keep on reading, as we are today going to write about them a bit.

What Are Jackboots?

First of all, we should probably cover the basics and define what jackboots are.

Jackboots are classic black military boots, designed for marching. Their main purpose is to protect soldiers and officers from sword attacks and similar. They were usually made out of heavy leather and came in mid-calf lengths.

What Are Cavalry Jackboots?

Now that we know what jackboots are, we can define cavalry jackboots as one of the two types of jackboots (along with hobnailed jackboots).

Cavalry boots are specifically recognizable thanks to the ˝wings˝ they have at knee-height. Such wings consist of mail sewn into the lining of the leather and their main purpose is to protect knees from sword attacks. Indeed, the term originates from the French word jaque, which means ˝coat of mail˝. Since mail wings make cavalry jackboots extremely heavy, some modern versions include lighter stiffeners instead of mail.

These unique boots are manufactured and worn today mostly in the UK, especially in London. The most famous to wear them is probably the Queen’s Household Cavalry. They can also be seen as part of modern army parades across former Soviet states.

Interesting fact: the word jackboot is today used in English to symbolize totalitarianism, as they became pretty famous when worn as part of the official German uniform during World War I & II.


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