What Are Hobnail Boots?

Do you know what are hobnail boots?

Let’s go to know it.

Hobnail boots, as their name says itself, are boots with hobnails.

All is clear here but, if you were wondering how exactly they look and what the purpose of hobnails are here, keep reading our article, dedicated to them.

Original Hobnails Boots

The first hobnailed boots were designed to be an inexpensive durable footwear. Durability is, indeed, the main purpose of hobnails.

These thick and short nails are inserted among the soles of the boots, to make them stronger and much more durable. Hobnails are almost always installed in a regular pattern, such as the popular horseshoe shape. In addition, they often have steel toes and heel irons, to increase their strength even more.

They come in leather variations and can often be laced up until the ankles.

Another extremely important purpose of such boots is allowing their wearers to grip on rough and sloping surfaces. That is why we often relate them to mountaineering activities. Additionally, they are great for walking on snow surfaces. They were often worn by military, too.

Fashion Versions of Hobnail Boots

Hobnails have today been adopted by the fashionable boot industry, too.

Obviously, fashion boots surely don’t have hobnails across soles, as this would make city walks extremely slippery and stressful. Fashion versions of such boots include a different range of hobnails on the upper sided part of soles, but also across the entire boot. The difference is that, this time, such nails have an unique decorative purpose. And we love them!

We think they make just the perfect statement piece of footwear today. Especially those in pure black versions.


We hope you liked the theme subject we have chosen in our today’s writing.

Do you have any experience with wearing hobnailed boots? If yes, did you have the occasion of wearing them as their original intention? Or are they a fashionable part of your closet?

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