What are Equestrian Boots?

Equestrian boots are, as the name itself says, boots for horse riding.

Their main purpose is to protect the rider’s feet, but also to allow better performance of riding activities. On top of that, they look really elegant and classy. Don’t they?

Today, we will be spending some time writing about them, so keep reading if you’re feeling in an equestrian mood.

How They Look

We all know how horse riders look, with their recognizable tight pants and high leather boots.

Such boots are always reaching until the knees. This allows for the legs to be protected from leathers of the saddle pinching the rider. Additionally, they have a low heel, so that feet don’t find themselves sliding through the stirrup. A sturdy toe is also always present in equestrian boots, to keep the riders safe even when they are on the ground. Soles of equestrian boots are usually smooth, to prevent feet being caught on the tread of the stirrup if a rider happens to fall.

Among all of these protective features, equestrian boots have amazing looks, too. They are traditionally made out of smooth leather and we mostly see them in black color. Also, since they are quite tight and reaching to knee-heights, a classy feel is certainly added to their look.

Different Types

Depending on the origin countries, type of riders and different traditions, there are several types of equestrian boots available today.

The classic English riding boots can be classified into field boots, dress boots, hunt boots and paddock boots. Also, we have all heard about cowboy boots, typical for western riders.


Do you own a pair of equestrian boots and have you ever had the occasion to wear it?

We would love to hear about your riding experience and your favorite type of riding boot, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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