Why Do Football Boots Have Studs Pressure?

Do you know why do Football boots have studs pressure? We are going to give you clear view on this topic.

So, let’s go!

We all know very well how football boots look, right? But have you ever wondered why all of them have studs pressure beneath them?

Well, we have prepared a brief article to help giving an answer to that question.

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A Bit of History

First of all, let’s find out how football boots used to look.

During the 19th century, people living in Britain loved playing football. They used to wear extremely heavy and stiff working boots to play, and they adapted them a bit to grass surfaces. That is why they added a steel toe cap at the front and metal studs at the bottom. Also, such boots were usually made of leather and were laced up to the ankles, for protection.

Football boots were traditionally made in black color only, for many years.

How They Look Today

Today, we still call them football boots, even if they are not that high anymore and come in versions more similar to sneakers.

Contemporary football boots have studs below them, along the entire surface of the sole. Such studs have rounded corners and the biting surface is flat.

Their main purpose is providing traction to football players when running or when stopping to run. Depending on the different surfaces and weather conditions, there are mainly four stud types: Firm Ground, Artificial Ground, Soft Ground and Turf.

Also, it is worth mentioning that modern football boots come in a variety of colors today.

The most successful and widely known companies which produce modern football boots are definitely Nike and Adidas, but also Puma.


We hope that we have managed to provide a clearer view on what football boots are and why they have studs below them.

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