What Are Pointed Toe Boots? (The Exact Definition)

As the name itself says, pointed toe boots are boots with pointed boots. As simple as that!

However, we really would like to write just a bit more about these today.

Why Pointed Toe?

To begin, let’s try defining why we love pointed toes in the first place.

First footwear artisans were mostly creating footwear with pointed toes. Why? Because they were much easier to make. That is why pointed toe shoes, in general, were much more popular back in the days.

When it comes to boots, the first boots were cowboy boots. Not only because the pointed toe was easier to manufacture, but also because it would be easier to place into the stirrup when riding a horse. Cowboy boots have maintained their original toe form and have never changed it over the years.

Pointed Toe Boots Today

Pointed toe is back in the game of fashion and boots have obviously adapted to the trend, as always.

There is no certain type of boot today which can be characterized as a pointed toe boot (except maybe the previously explained cowboy boots). However, there is also no type of boot which has not at least some versions of their pointed toe available. You may find these boots in absolutely all versions: from low ankle to crotch heights, from rubber to leather materials, from casual to real classy styles.

We love them all!


Pointed toe boots have returned to our closets, slowly but surely, and we are not planning to give up on them anytime soon. How about you, are you a fan of these boots yourself, or do you prefer sticking to round and square toe boots? Do you prefer styling them with your favorite pair of long pants or leaving the whole boot to be seen?

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