Do You Wear Socks With Wetsuit Boots?

Well, do you wear socks with wetsuit boots? Then preparing to wear your wetsuit over the weekend, and wondering if you will be needing any socks?

Well, that is quite of a subjective question, and so should be its answer: it depends.

Do you have trouble in fitting yourself into the wetsuit? What type of socks were you thinking of wearing? Will you be spending time on some extremely cold weather? These are all questions that will make a difference to our answer, so we should probably answer them separately.

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Fitting Into the Wetsuit Boots

Yes, any kind of sock will most likely ease this (sometimes very frustrating) performance. Putting wetsuit boots on can be extremely difficult and uneasy if you are not wearing socks. So the answer here would probably be: yes, wearing socks will be helpful.

However, you should keep in mind that your socks will get wet at some point and will probably not feel so comfortable (or healthy) wearing them.

Neoprene Socks

If you happen to own a pair of neporene socks and wish to wear them under your wetsuit boots, then the task is much easier. Neoprene socks are intended to help our water activities, so they should insulate your feet and keep moisture away.

Of course, swimming or doing any other activity in neoprene socks is much different than having no socks, so it won’t be a comfortable choice for everyone. The best way to find out is to try them.

Protection From Low Temperatures

If you will be spending some time under extremely low temperatures, we highly recommend wearing neoprene socks under your wetsuit boots. This will surely protect your feet, at least a bit. And we all know how important it is to keep your feet warm when it’s cold outside.


There are people who prefer not wearing socks at all with their wetsuit boots, but there are also people who find socks very useful.

The answer depends entirely up to you and what you find more comfortable. However, it should also depend on some other factors, as explained above.

Do you have any experience with wearing wetsuit boots? If yes, could you share it in the comment box? Thanks and have an amazing Tuesday!

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