Top 3 Women’s Extra Wide Width Cowboy Boots

Whether you’re a real rider, plan to give riding just a try, or simply like having a western-style pair of boots, you will surely want to find yourself a good pair or cowboy boots. And knowing how hard it can be to find a perfect sizing match, we are sharing today our selection of the top three women’s extra wide width cowboy boots. Apologies: cowgirl boots.

Such pair of boots can be really handy during riding activities, but they are also an amazing fashion choice on some occasions. If you are one of the many ladies out there with larger feet, you probably know how stressful finding the right pair of boots can be sometimes. That is why we wanted to help a bit with our suggestions and save you more time for other fun stuff.


As for any other footwear, the ultimate feature we search in every boot is comfort. This is achieved by the use of quality fabrics and production techniques. Additionally, your feet need to have a perfect fit, or you risk otherwise not feeling comfortable at all while wearing them. If you have larger feet, you will probably want to have a wider boot, to obtain such perfect fit. And, in our opinion, Ariat is one of the best producers on the market for such type of boots.

We are reviewing today three types of Ariat boots, which are in our minds the top three women’s extra wide width cowboy boots.

They are all quite different between each other, but their main features can be described as:

  • Completely made out of leather for an upper quality construction and durability of the boots.
  • Rubber soles for an increased durability, as well as to ensure fewer slipping accidents.
  • Lining for making long riding or walking hours more comfortable.

All in all, we believe these boots are a great choice for any cowgirl out there. Especially for those who have trouble with finding boots with wider widths.

Our Selection of 3 Best Women’s Extra Wide Width Cowboy Boots

Ariat is probably one of the top brands around the world when it comes to cowboy boots. Additionally, they have a nice choice of boots which can additionally be filtered due to their feet width. Amazing, right?

1. Ariat Women’s Round Up Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot

These boots are surely the widest one, as they are the only of our selection with square toes. This adds to the width, but also to the cool design. Indeed, when you add premium full-grain leather and wonderful stitching details all over, you get to wear an amazing pair of boots.

Additionally, these boots come with innovative cushioning with breathable mesh lining, making them extremely comfortable and easy to wear.


  • Square toe shape
  • Premium full-grain leather with decorative stitching
  • Duratread outsoles
  • Cushioning with synthetic air mesh lining
  • Wide uppers.

Ariat’s round up wide square toe western boots surely make a great choice for any stylish cowgirl. Additionally, they are a great fit not only to ladies with wider feet but also to those with wider calves, thanks to their wide upper design.

2. Ariat Women’s Heritage Western Round Toe Cowboy Boot

For a more classic look, go for the heritage round toe version. These boots are also made out of high-quality leather and come in mid-calf heights.

As opposed to the first one, the heritage round toe version has slightly more ˝discreet˝ stitching details. However, it still looks simply amazing.


  • Round toe shape
  • Premium full-grain leather and same-colored decorative stitching
  • Duratread outsoles
  • Wide uppers
  • Goodyear leather welt.

These boots are a great classic choice of boots for real cowgirls, but also for those who wish to wear such cool look in the city. They come in a wide range of colors, so matching games are easy with them.

3. Ariat Heritage Lacer II Boots – Women’s Leather Ankle Work Boot

To complete our selection, we are adding a not so typical choice of ankle boot to the list. Indeed, these come with a front lacing. They are still a safe choice for riders anyway, as the lacing seems to be quite firm.

These boots are a bit lower from the first two, but still covering ankles.


  • Leather in brown or black variations
  • Duratread soles
  • Front lacing
  • Double-kiltie flaps at the front
  • Moisture-wicking lining.

Ariat’s heritage lacer western ankle boot is a nice getaway from the classic forms of heritage boots. With lower shafts and front lacing, it surely offers a refreshment.

Buying Guide

As most people would probably do during these unprecedented times, we highly suggest ordering your boots online.

Ordering cowboy boots can sometimes be a bit tricky, so please make sure to measure your feet properly. The easiest was to do that is to simply stand on a piece of paper and to draw a line around your feet. Once you compare the measures of your feet to those in the sizing guide of the manufacturer, you will get the right size for you.

Have in mind that your feet should feel snug in boots, but not tight.

Additionally, Ariat offers to choose between two or three width options, so make sure to order wider options if you have wide feet.

Last but not least, they currently offer a free pair of tek socks for all orders above $200.


What is the best choice of cowboy boot for wide feet?

We find all of the three choices good when it comes to wide feet. The ones with square toes will probably offer more space due to their shape.

Are all of these boots very expensive?

Ariat offers a great value for money, so we’d say that such pair of boots is a good investment. However, all boots from our selection offer quite affordable rates.

Are these boots high-quality?

Our answer is simple here: they are. And of top of that, they look great.


We truly hope that today’s article helped all of the cowgirls out there, who are looking for a fashion-friendly boot with the perfect fit, even for those with wider feet.

What choice is your favorite? We’d love to read about it in the comment section.

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