Why Do We Wear Gumboots in Rainy Season?

Gumboots are the ultimate footwear of any rainy season. But do you know why do we wear gumboots in rainy season?

In this article, you can learn it clearly within a short time.

From the first types that were mostly worn in rural areas, to colorful types that we like our kids to wear while puddle jumping, gumboots are now both a rural and an urban choice.

We see them in various heights and designs, from classic black and green variations, to pure fashion friendly décors.

Why Do We Wear Gumboots in Rainy Season?

In today’s article, let’s find out which are the main reasons we love wearing them in rainy season.

So, let’s go!


Gumboots are entirely made out of rubber, which makes them the ultimate protection from water. We can easily jump over puddles, walk through heavy rain or large ponds even, and our feet will remain dry.

Additionally, this type of boot is quite thick, so it can also protect us from bug bites, and sometimes even from snake bites. This makes them a great choice to wear when walking through forests, flooded areas, fields and similar.

Warmth & Grip

Rainy seasons can often be really cold, too. That is why it is important not only to keep our feet dry, but also warm. Gumboots can help us with that, being made out of such protective material. On top of that, some gumboots also come in winter variations, with plenty of insulation system. This certainly adds to the warm feeling in our feet.

Another reason we like to wear them is the grip they can provide, making it easier to walk across slippery surfaces.

Cool & Simple

Gumboots come in different designs and models, and we just love how cool can they look. From classic to playful looks, this boot covers it all, and adds easily a special note to our daily combinations.

Also, they are super simple to maintain and clean.


We love wearing our gumboots during all rainy seasons. They keep our feet dry and warm, they look great and are so simple to clean.

Care to share your experience with gumboots?

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