Why Do Motorcycle Cops Wear Boots?

Ever wondered why do motorcycle cops wear boots?

Well, obviously, for the same reason that all other motorcycle riders do. That would be protection.

We are sure that you have noticed that their boots are distinctive from the others, so we have prepared today’s article in order to give more info on their purposes.

Best Motorcycle Cops Boots

How Motorcycle Cops Boots Look

They are actually very similar to any other motorcycle boot type, but there still are some differences.

Police boots are, first of all, designed for cops, and intended to we worn by them only. The usually come in knee-high variations and are always in black color. Also, they are manufactured in smooth-grained,  high-gloss leather, while the soles are usually made out of hard rubber.

They are tight and form-fitting. Such design allows cops to wear them over breeches or jodhpurs, as part of the official police uniform.

The Purpose of Police Boots

As already explained, the main purpose of police boots is to provide protection to cops while riding their motorcycles.

However, they also need to adapt to the long working hours, so need to be comfortable for them to wear them all day. Police boots need to be light enough for allowing quick actions when needed, but also heavy enough to protect them from all kind of weather conditions.

They should also be easy to maintain and to sustain regular hard use. The best police boots offer some flexibility in the ankles but without bending.

Not too easy requirements to meet, so high-quality of the boot is essential.


Police offers spend many hours riding their motorcycles while on duty, so wearing comfortable and protective boots is super important.

There are several things that every good police boot needs to provide in order for them to do the right work, and we hope this writing has helped in explaining that.

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