Why Do Ironworkers Wear Wedge Boots?

Do you actually know why do Ironworkers wear wedge boots? What is the reason? Ever wondered why iron-workers wear wedge boots only?

Let’s go we try to know the topic clearly.

So, we have prepared a brief article to help giving an answer to do that. And to, obviously, give a clearer insight on why they should.

Really Comfortable

As you may already know, wedge boots are called like that as they have wedge soles. Wedge soles run through the entire length of the out-sole and have no gap underneath the arch. This makes them extremely comfy, offering a larger contact surface area and reducing pressure points. Knowing that iron-workers spend their working day standing, this makes a huge difference to them.

Super Adaptable

Working wedge boots are ideal when standing on hard surfaces, which we know is something that iron-workers do. Their soles have lighter heel strike, grippy nature but also solid support, which makes them the perfect sole for such working habits. On top of that, most of the wedge soles are made out of polyurethane, which is not only anti-slippery, but also highly protective from heat. More importantly, they are completely made out of materials which don’t allow electricity conducting.


Quality working boots don’t come cheap, so it is essential for them to be able to last long. Wedge working boots are, as already mentioned above, made out of high-quality and durable materials. Soles are made from polyurethane; upper parts are created from leather and there several super helpful additions. The most popular is surely the steel toe, keeping the workers protected from any kind of metal falling on their feet. Additionally, they offer cushioned insoles for comfort, and are waterproof. It that is no definition of long-lasting, I’m not sure what would be.


Iron-workers surely deserve high-quality protection footwear, and the wedge working boot is one of the rare which are up to the task. That is why iron-workers wear wedge boots.

Hope you got the answer of why do ironworkers wear wedge boots. Feel free to ask us if you love to know anything else.

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