Why Do Harness Boots Have Rings?

Do you know why do harness boots have rings? In this article, we are going to reveal it with proper information.

Let’s go we find out the answer of why do harness boots have rings. Okay?

What are harness boots? Harness boots are another classic style of boot commonly known around the entire planet.

Very similar to engineer boots, these ones also have two rings at ankle height. And the two rings are exactly what helps us distinguishing them from similar types.

Have you ever wondered why they have such rings on them? This brief article will provide you an answer to that.

A Bit of History

As already mentioned, harness boots are actually very similar to engineer boots. They are made out of heavy leather and come in black color. However, don’t be surprised if you happen to find them in brown color sometimes, too.

They traditionally have square toes, and were first manufactured back in the 19th century, to help soldiers being more protected while walking. Many years later, in the ’60s, four leather straps and two metal rings were added to the style. And this is exactly how we know them today.

However, they are not worn by soldiers anymore, but by motorcycle riders instead. Their main purpose is still protection, but now from the heat of the exhaust pipes and other types of injuries. For example, they can also protect the rider when falling, since they often have a steel toe and metal in the heel.

The Purpose of Rings of Harness Boots

Harness boots have four non-adjustable leather straps on the outside. Two straps go from the soles up to both sides of the ankles. A third strap goes across the top to the ankle and the last one wraps the rear at the ankle. Additionally, they have two metal rings at the ankle, to keep the four straps at one place.

Their purpose is holding the four straps in one place, indeed.

As simple as that!


We hope this brief article helped you, in case you were still having some doubts about the two classic rings.

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