What Are Sport Boots?

The first question is what are sport boots? And the second question is it’s your day off, sun is out and you are feeling all sporty today?


Great, because we have prepared an article entirely dedicated to sports boot today.

We hope this will give you some inspiration on what to wear, depending on your favorite adventure activities.

What are Sport Boots?

As the name itself explains very well, they are boots adapted to a certain type of sport activity. There often have some special features which ease our sport activities. Standard fashion boots never have similar features, so here is why we distinguish them.

Types of Sports Boots

Below follows a brief list of all the most popular sport boots today.

Football Boots

Football boots are probably the most popular sport boots nowadays. They are characterized by internal cushions for keeping our feet comfortable while running, but also by studs for easing our maneuvering on grass surfaces.

Please have a look at our already published article on why football boots have studs. So, to get more info on various types of studs of football, you can read the article.

Rugby Boots

Another popular type of sport boots are rugby boots (obviously, used when playing rugby). They are actually very similar to football boots, with the exception they have less studs on their bottoms. Also, there are several different types of rugby boots. This depends mostly on the position that a certain player plays in the team.

Hiking Boots

Last but not least, hiking boots are sport boots adapted to nature lovers. Laced up, waterproof and adapted for hiking on different types of terrain, these are our favorite weekend boots this autumn. You will mostly find hiking boots with a rubber that grips very well on different surfaces. Additionally, they have thick lugs to bite into the soil.


We hope you enjoyed reading our sport article. Which ones have you already tried wearing, and which sport activity are you thinking of starting this year?

Let us know in the comment section, and enjoy the rest of your day outside.

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