What Are Russian Boots Called?

If you don’t know what are Russian boots called, then you are in the right place. Just keep reading to get the proper answer.

Winter weather makes us think of Russia a bit, doesn’t it? Russian long and cold winter brought to re-defining some boot styles for sure. Have you ever wondered what boot styles are typically considered to be Russian, and how are they called?

We have prepared a dedicated brief writing today to help answering such questions.

Brief History

Originally, the first boot ever invented by the Russian is the valenki boot. Created for soldiers and officers walking through dry snow, these boots were entirely made out of thick felt and came in mid-lenghts.

We have already published an article entirely dedicated to valenki boots, so please search our website for more info on those.

After a century, these boots were not considered to be valenki boots only, but moved forward to leather boots for women. During the 20th century, ladies showing ankles was still considered to be unacceptable, so this mostly refers to mid-calf boots. They were mostly buttoned or laced up.

Russian Boots Today

Nowadays, Russian boots can refer to any type of leather, calf-lenght and flat-heeled boot, especially those popular among traditional folk dancers.

Since they were mostly manufactured in black colors, we can state that traditional Russian boots are what inspired fashion boots in the modern world.

Additionally, combat type of boots can also be considered to be part of such family of boots. Laced up and mostly in black color, these boots really do associate our minds to Russian military. We can see them walking through snow surfaces during cold, cold weather.


Russian boots did have a huge impact on the rest of the World. They were the base idea for modern fashion boots. Originally they referred to the valenki boots only. However, Russian boots have through time become the synonym for all kinds of low-heeled and mid-calf high boots made out of black leather.

We are sure these will never go out of style. What about you?

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