What Are Hessian Boots?

Do you know what are hessian boots? If you don’t know, no problem. This article is for you to know the term properly.

So, let’s go!

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What Hessian Boots Are?

Ever wondered what Hessian boots are? We have prepared a brief description below, in order to make your vision of these a bit clearer. And who knows, maybe you’ll even decide to get a pair of yours!

The Idea

The idea of Hessian boots dates way back to 19th century. Their name derives from the German word Hesse, which indicates an area around Frankfurt am Main.

Originally, these boots were invented to be worn by riding soldiers and officers. That is why they are made out of light materials (mostly leather) and have low heels and semi-pointed toes. However, during 19th century already, they became quickly approved by everyone and even civilians started to wear them really soon.

How They Evolved

The Duke of Wellington, who wore these boots quite often, brought these to his shoemaker and instructed him to make some modifications. As a result, his new boots were now made of soft calfskin leather and got shorter. That way, soldiers and officers could still use them while riding, but also during evening entertainment. This evolved version of the Hessian boots will later become famous as the Wellington boots, but we’ll leaving that for another time.

Hessian Boots Today

In modern times, we still love to wear Hessian boots. They are super comfortable, being so light, and they look amazing, too. The leather is most times polished and they also have decorative tassels. They mostly reach to our knees and they are not too tight, which makes them the perfect choice while wearing trousers beneath. Additionally, they have the recognizable ˝V˝ notch at the front. And no, they are definitely not worn by men only! Or at least, not anymore.


Even if intended for riding soldiers, Hessian boots have adapted to the modern age and are gaining more popularity from season to season. We love them in various materials, colors and lengths. What would your favorite type be? Are you a tradition-lover or do you prefer modern versions? Let us know in the comment section.  

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