What Are Australian Boots Called?

Today, our minds are taking us to Australia. So, we are going to learn what are Australian boots called.

Have you ever wondered which boot type is specific for Australia? Well, we’ll give you a small hint: not fashion boots.

When we think of Australian boots, then we usually refer to work boots, actually.

Top 3 Best Australian Boots

  1. Ad Tec Mens 6 inches Australian Work Boots Crazy Horse
  2. EMU Australia Platinum Stinger Slim Lo Womens Sheepskin Boots
  3. WoolWorks Model 9844 Men Boots – Genuine Australian Boots

How They Look

A typical look of such boot is very similar to the American version, with the exception of the lack of tongue. This is also the easiest way to recognize them. Australian boots have elastic side pull tabs, either at the front and at the back or at both sides. This allows to put on and to remove boots with no hassle about laces. However, such feature will also guarantee that our feet have a firm fit.

Additionally, Australian boots are mostly manufactured in a leather upper bound that reaches to our ankles. They often have steel toes, to provide protection from sharp and heavy object falling on our feet. This version of boot will often not have any inner lining, so we mostly wear them with thicker socks. Soles come in polyurethane materials.

We can mostly see them around in dark colors, and some urban versions today are quite often matched during rainy days in the city, too (both by men & women).

How We Call Them

In Australia, such work boots usually refer to the brand name of the manufacturers. The most popular producer is surely Blundstone Footwear, and that is exactly how these boots are called around the world: Blundstones.

For real Aussies, the name Blunnies will also ring a bell.


With this brief homage to blundstones, we hope to have provided an explanation on a typical kind of boot invented in Australia.

Do you own a pair of yours maybe? And have you known where is the origin of the idea from? We would love to read some more interesting thoughts, if you wish to share.

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