Steve Madden Chelsea Boots Men’s Review

Ladies are in love with Steve Madden’s chunky boots and stilettos, while men are talking more and more about their Chelsea boots. And today, we really wanted to share with you our Steve Madden Chelsea boots men’s review.

If you like being on top of fashion news (at least a bit), the name Steve Madden most likely already crossed a few of your conversations. Right?

This brand is widely known for producing great quality footwear and accessories in exchange for not too high prices. I guess we could say it is becoming more and more of a designer brand today.

We hope our review of their Chelsea boots will help you out with your next boot order.


Steve Madden Chelsea boots come in a few types and they all stick to the recognizable classic looks. Currently, their website shows a few models in suede and leather fabrics, and they have the following main features:

  • Ankle-height designs will make almost any outfit styling less stressful, as they look great on suits or jeans.
  • The typical elasticated sides of the boots will help a lot with pulling them on and off.
  • Rubber soles will provide better traction but also make it easier to walk around.
  • Leather linings will surely add to the luxury feel but also make sure that insoles last longer.

Such classic pair of Chelsea boot is a great choice for any day at the office, as well for an evening drink with friends.

Don’t you agree?

Steve Madden Chelsea Boots Men’s Review

Our selection of Steve Madden Chelsea boots for today is focused on the Highlyte edition. This is one of the latest editions of their boots for men, and we could easily state they’re becoming more popular with each day.

If you’re still not sure whether to order them or not, a detailed Steve Madden Chelsea boots review follows.

Steve Madden Highlyte Chelsea Boots

These classic but different boots come in suede materials and a different range of colors. Classic, because the colors vary from grey and sand to black. Different, because their elasticated sides are now in the same color as the rest of the boot. This is certainly something we’re not exactly used seeing on Chelsea boots, but it definitely adds to the classy look.

Their shaft is extra short to provide broad versatility and their lining is in leather. This surely makes these boots more durable and, additionally, of higher quality. The outside visible stitching adds to the durability of the boot but also to the elegant looks.


  • Suede fabrics
  • Rubber sole
  • Same-colored elasticated sides
  • Leather lining
  • Extra short shaft.

Steve Madden Men’s Highlyte Chelsea boot is an elegant boot which can be worn all day at the office, and all weekend across the city. It looks classy, is comfortable to wear and it will last long for the money you pay. All in all, it gets a ˝thumbs up˝ from us!

Buying Tips

With this year being a real strange one, online shopping is becoming more and more popular. Additionally, it is safer than ever. Ordering your Steve Madden boots should be a piece of cake, as they are really true to size.

Think twice of the color you wish to wear them in, so they can be combined to more than one outfit.

And finally, make sure to keep an eye at Christmas specials!


Wrapping up, here is a brief list of all the most common questions and their answers, all at one place.

Are Steve Madden Chelsea boots a good choice?   

In our opinion, they are. They offer great designs and upper quality at still affordable rates.

Are Steve Madden Chelsea boots true to size?

They are, so feel free to order them online from the comfort of your home.

Are Steve Madden Chelsea boots easy to style?

Absolutely. They look great on suits but also on jeans, both long and rolled up to the ankles.


To conclude this review, we can state that these boots could certainly find their way into our online shopping carts again.

They look simple but classy, are comfortable to wear, will last long and don’t cost that much, if compared to what we get in return. Every gentleman should probably invest in a similar pair of boots at some point in his life. Don’t you agree?

And finally, what about you? Do you have any experience with these boots and anything you’d like to share here? We’d love to read your opinions.