Should Rain Boots Be One Size Bigger & Why?

Should rain boots be one size bigger? Or it is just a wrong decision?


Let’s go to find the answer by reading this article.

Rainy days don’t have to be a reason for staying inside anymore. Nowadays, there is such a variety of cool rain boots out there, protecting our feet from water but still looking great. We just can’t resist to wearing rain boots.

If you are preparing for the new rainy season. And wish to treat yourself with a new pair, this article will perhaps be helpful. As we’ll try to answer a big question. Do they have to be one size bigger?

Well, if you were expecting a simple “yes” or “no” answer, we have to disappoint you. We firmly believe that it depends according to the style you like, or how you plan wearing them.

Best Rain Boot for Big Size Foot

  1. Western Chief Women’s Printed Tall Waterproof Rain Boot
  2. Western Chief Women’s Mid-Height Waterproof Rain Boots
  3. YOANGRY Women’s Printed Tall Rain Boots

A Couple of Rain Boot Specifics

To understand which size boot is best for us, we should first probably cover the basics of rain boots.

Typical rain boots today come in multiple variations of rubber materials. Such materials may vary on stiffness, waterproofness, looks and feels, but they are still all made out of rubber. This means that they all are (up to some point) quite sturdy and stiff. Additionally, most rain boots have thick soles, so they sometimes can feel heavy to wear.

These specifics show us the need of our ideal rain boots to be a bit looser, especially around our calves. This will both ease our movements and make us feel more comfortable.

Another important fact to have in mind is that, during colder days, we will probably want to wear a double pair of socks. So, once again, it would be suggestable to having enough space in the boots for allowing an extra pair of socks.


After going through the basic specific of rain boots. We could probably say that it would be good to have a slightly larger size. Yes, larger size from the one we usually wear.

However, it is also super important for our rain boots not to be too large, so that we can walk normally in them (and do paddle jumping).

Finally, our verdict is: our rain boots should be large enough for allowing free movement and an extra pair of sock, but tight enough to fit our movements naturally.

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