How to Choose Moccasin Boots for Toddlers?

Do you know how to choose Moccasin boots for toddlers? This article will guide you to do it.

So, let’s go.

We know how much you love to style your toddler before heading out for the day, and Autumn is just the perfect time of the year to play with layered combinations.

Add a super adorable pair of moccasin boots to the combination, and just wait for compliments to arrive from everyone you meet.

To ease your boots selection, we have prepared an article with essential information and tips.

What to be Attentive About

When choosing any footwear for your toddler, there are a couple of things you should pay attention to.

  • Sole type: It is extremely, extremely important for the sole to be as flexible as it gets. It is always better to look for wider and lighter soles, too, and flexibility can be tested with a simple bend while in your hand.
  • Heel: It is good for the footwear to have a tiny heel, so they can walk properly. This shouldn’t be higher than 7 mm, though.
  • Material: Try avoiding synthetic materials and using natural ones instead, such as leather or suede.
  • Size: We are sure that you know how to measure your kids feet, but please bear in mind that ideal boots should be up to two centimetres longer than their feet.

Now that we went through the basics together, we can focus on pure fashion choices, which we love the most.

Fringed Suede Moccasin Boots

These are the seasons favorite, for sure! Available in various colors and in ankle-length mostly, they just look so adorable. The fringes are what make these boots unique and it’s super easy to pair them with almost all kind of clothes. Look out for those with rubber sole and zipper closure to make your life easier.

Suede Slouch Moccasin Boots

If you (or your kid) are not a fan of fringes, but still love how suede looks on their feet, then go for slouch boots. These will provide wider styles and will be easier to style with wider trousers, too. They usually come in mid-calf lengths and can have many different decorations. Again, look for rubber soles and zipper closure. If you plan using these during winter time as well, it would then be great finding some with lining, especially those made out of wool blends.

Cable Knit Moccasin Boots

Soles made of rubber, upper exterior made of leather and an amazing shaft made of cable knit to complete the autumn look? Oh yes, these moccasin boots will look absolutely adorable and stylish at the same time on your toddler. Some latest versions even add decorative buckles to make the look even greater.

Padded Winter Moccasin Boots

When Autumn is over and you wish to bring your toddler out for a snowy adventure, think no more, as we found just the perfect boot. Suede exterior, interior with faux fur padding visible on the top of the boots as well, and super cute pom poms. Doesn’t that sound as the ultimate definition of winter cuteness?


We hope to have eased your footwear decisions at least a bit.

Moccasin boots aren’t reserved for adults only, at least not anymore, and we want everyone to know that. Get your toddler into her or his favorite pair of boots and let the fun begin.

Please share your experiences in the comment section, to give direct opinions to other parents who are still in doubt.

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