How to Wear Go Go Boots with Jeans?

Do you know how to wear go go boots with jeans? This article will tell you in details. So, keep it reading.

Finally, our favorite time of the year has arrived. The colorful autumn weather outside offers the ideal occasion for taking our boots out of the closest. And offering them a good “welcome back” party.

The 70’s classics are back in the game and we are simply in love with them. Go Go boots are, thanks to their traditionally not-that-high heels, so easy to walk in. But how to match them if you just feel like wearing your favorite jeans instead of a disco skirt?

Top 3 Best Go Go Boots

  1. Ellie Shoes Women’s Go-Go Boot
  2. Women’s Go Go Boots Over The Knee
  3. Women’s Go Go Boots Mid Calf Block Heel

Denim Skirt

Your jeans of the day come in the shape of a skirt? Easy-peasy task for matching it with go go boots, as they were originally intended to be worn with skirts. You don’t really need to give it a lot of thought. So, as almost any denim skirt will match your go go pair in an awesome way.

Small tip: the shorter the skirt, the more 70’s you’ll feel.

Skinny Jeans

Yes and no, depending of their length. If your jeans are long and you had an idea of tucking them into your go go boots, then we’d beg you to think again. Go go boots are super tight and would just not go well with any kind of material that would try to find its place between your leg and the boot. It most likely wouldn’t feel natural either. If you’re planning on wearing calf-length jeans, then go ahead- but please make sure you place them over your favorite pair of boots.

Cropped Jeans

Any kind of cropped jeans can be easily paired with your go go boots, both straight-leg and wide-leg. Such combination will allow you to feel more comfy but also to look great, as your leg skin won’t be showing while standing or walking, but your stylish boots will.

Long Flared Jeans

Oh yes, combining 70’s boots with 70’s jeans can never go wrong and sounds as the prefect match of the day to us! Nothing can show better under your long flared jeans than an original pointed toe.


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