How to Wear Galoshes Boots?

Do you know how to how to wear galoshes boots? In this article, we described it very briefly but clearly.

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Galoshes boots are something we like having at our office for unexpected rain sessions. Why is that?

Simply, because they provide ultimate protection to our feet from getting wet, without the necessity of having to wear boots all day long.

How They Look

So, Galoshes are a type of extremely thin rubber boot and they are worn over a pair of shoes. The thin material makes them easy to store in any drawer or even to bring around in our handbag. If we are wearing some nice shoes and it suddenly begins to rain, we simply pull our galoshes on, and a dry walk to our next destination is guaranteed. A real life saver, right?

How to Wear Galoshes Boots?

As already mentioned, galoshes are pulled over the shoes we’re already wearing. That is why it is preferable for the shoes we’re wearing under galoshes not to have high heels. Otherwise, walking would probably be a tricky task.

Also, depending on the length of our galoshes, we would probably avoid wearing suits or anything that could get very wrinkled when tucking it into our galoshes.

For all the rest, there are no rules. Simply pull your galoshes over your shoes, take a rainy walk wherever you need to walk, and pull your galoshes out once you have arrived at your destination. Your feet will be warm and dry, and dry will also be your shoes.


Galoshes are one of those inventions that we are thankful for during unexpected rains. They keep our feet dry without having to wear boots all day, but simply pulling them over the shoes we’re already wearing. They are simple to clean and easy to store.

Do you own a pair of yours already? Do you find them useful and do you have any tip on wearing them? We’d love to hear from you!

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