How To Wear Engineer Boots With Jeans?

This article will help you to learn how to wear engineer boots with jeans. So, let’s go and keep reading.

We love vintage, more and more with each new season. And what can be more vintage than such a classic, old school pair of engineer boots?

We definitely want our gentlemen to walk around in there favorite pair of old engineer boots, and we simply love seeing them in combinations with jeans. So, here’s a brief suggestive article on how to style those two.

What are Engineer Boots?

A classic piece of footwear, definitely.

Originally, they were intended for firemen working on steam locomotives and hot railroads. However, they got taken over as the basic biker men statement footwear pretty soon. From then, we like to consider them as the classic, old school boot that we like to associate to real manliness.

Engineer boots are always made out of leather and come in black or brown colors. They are pretty heavy, due to their rugged construction and two buckles (one at the top and another at the instep).

How To Wear Engineer Boots With Jeans?

If you were expecting a list of various types of jeans which can be combined with your favorite of engineer boots here, sorry, but we have to disappoint you.

In our heads, we just can’t think of any other way to wear them, then with classic straight-fitting jeans. Surely, you can play with jeans colors as much as you wish, but the fit needs to be straight. Otherwise, you are risking of ruining the silhouette of your pants, or to look messy (or punkish).

Straight jeans which you should slightly roll up just below your ankles are just the perfect (and only) way to style your engineer boots and look amazing. So, if you still don’t own a pair of such classic jeans type, this might be a good time to invest in one (or two).

Style them with a simple T-shirt or favorite sweater to get the complete look. If you add a denim or leather jacket on top of that, we guarantee, the classic James Dean-look will be guaranteed. You are welcome!


Engineer boot are one of those boots that will never ever go out of style. They can change their followers along with new generations, but they will always remain a classic.

Today, even ladies love styling them with their favorite pair of jeans. However, if you ask us, men have one choice only. Don’t you agree?

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