How To Wear Chukka Boots with Jeans? (DIY Guide)

Gentleman, this one is entirely dedicated to you. Only if you are interested to know how to wear Chukka boots with jeans.

We are sure that you already own a pair of chukka boots, right? So get it out of your closet this autumn, because we are going to suggest how to wear them with jeans.

What are Chukka Boots?

Chukka boots are a classic footwear, mostly made out of leather or suede. They are an ankle-length style boots and typically distinctive with having only two or three eyelets with thin laces.

These boots are super adaptive, being ideal for casual wearing but also for classy smart events, depending on how you style them.

Blue and White Jeans for Casual Outfits

For a walk through the city, style your chukka boots with simple blue or white jeans. You can play with jeans here, as almost every pair will help obtaining a casual autumn look (yes, even the ripped ones). For not so cold days, roll your jeans up to the ankles, so that leg skin can be seen.

This will certainly add to the casual feel. To complete the look, add a simple T-shirt at the top and pair it with your favorite denim jacket or a bottom up shirt. Brown-colored chukkas are ideal here, both in suede or leather versions.

White and Black Jeans for Smart Casuals

Heading to a business dinner with your boss or simply feeling smarty when planning your night out? Then feel free to pair your favorite black or white pair of jeans with your chukkas here. It is however important to choose tighter styles of jeans, to avoid moving away from the smart look.

Instead of brown boots, we’d suggest choosing a black pair instead. Suede will look best here, but leather ones won’t be a fail either. To get the complete smart look, match them with a simple T-shirt, but don’t forget a blazer on top.

Dark and Tight Jeans for Business Casual Looks

Similar as for smart casual, tighter jeans are more welcome for business casual looks, too. But make sure that colors are dark. Your chukkas can here be in light brown, dark blue or black color, depending on what you’re going to wear on top. Also, both suede and leather boots are more than acceptable.

Cotton shirts, cashmere sweaters, blazers or coats will make sure that your day at the office attracts some interested looks.


Chukka boots are a real classic and the ultimate boot choice for this and every other autumn season. We love seeing gentlemen in all kind of editions, from super casual to business ones. And all paired with a cool pair of jeans. Which one is your favorite?

And love to know more about how to wear Chukka boots with jeans? Want to share your experiences with us? Leave your comment below. We will love to read your opinion.

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