How to Wear Chap Boots? Updated in 2022

In this article you will learn how to wear chap boots easily without any hassle.

So, let’s go.

Whether you are thinking of starting to ride, looking to go out and feeling sexy, or simply preparing a special surprise for your partner, chap boots are the ultimate decision.

Yes, these are extremely deep boots and come with a belt at the top, but we don’t want you to feel frightened. They are super easy to wear once you learn the basics.

Don’t worry, we have prepared the essentials on how to wear chap boots for you in this article.

Top 3 Best Chap Boots

  1. Cape Robbin Alba Showtown Chap Cowgirl Boots
  2. Saxon. Adult’s Equileather Half Chaps
  3. TuffRider Grippy Grain Half Chaps Large Black

How They Look & Feel

As already mentioned, chap boots are very deep boots. They usually go up to your crotch and have a strap on the outer side. Such strap is used to place a belt in it, so that your boots can be hold at the top all the time. This allows you to move freely all around and not to worry about the security of your boots.

Today, they come in various materials, from more-affordable synthetic fabrics to high-end leather ones. Heels vary from super low to stiletto.


If you want to wear chap boots following their original intention, than your new favorite activity is riding, for sure. To get the complete feel, you will probably want them to be made out of leather and to have low heels. That way, your riding experience will be completely undisturbed.

Small tip: Wear your chap boots with jodhpurs & breeches to get the complete riding look.


Feeling for a nice evening out in the city but still want to wear your chap boots? No worries, that can easily be done without having to look trashy. Simply style them with tight jeans or leather leggings and you’re ready for the party. Short jeans will also look amazing. You may play with various combinations here, but we’d still suggest to go for leather, jeans or suede materials. Heel-height is your choice, entirely.


For a private entertaining night with your partner, wear your high-heel chap boots with underwear only. It’s simple as that.


If you were thinking that chap boots are suitable for riding only, we hope to have proven the opposite with this article. What do you think?

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