How Tight Should Snowboard Boots Be?

As winter is coming, we are slowly starting to dream about our snow holidays. But do you know how tight should snowboard boots bee?

And nothing makes a cold winter day more fun than heading for some snowboarding sessions, right? For being able to enjoy our snowboard activities, it is extremely important to feel comfortable while doing that. The first thing we should start from are surely our snowboard boots.

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How to Try Them

Snowboard boots are intended to be worn during really cold days, so the first step is to try them on with a similar pair of socks that we plan to wear while snowboarding. If we try them with a simple thin pair of socks, there is a high chance they would feel as the right size when they are not. So, make sure to bring your ski socks to the store.

Now that we have the right socks, we are ready to try someone boots. It is important to try them on properly, which means to lace them up completely. Please don’t try your snowboard boots with just placing your leg into one of the boots and thinking they will fit. The boots should be laced up as if you were just about to get onto your snowboard.

Now that your boots are on, it is necessary to lean to the front, as if you were already steering your board. Try walking a bit in them and rock onto your feet.

Do your boots feel comfortable?

How Should They Feel

Very simply, your boots should feel as the perfect fit.

Once you lace them up, they should fit snugly to each part of your foot, to ensure the proper ability to steer the snowboard. However, they should not be too tight, as this will surely bring to painful activities, but also to not having complete control over your board. Having blisters is also no fun at all, so your feet should feel completely normal and natural inside your boots.

Secondly, make sure you feel comfortable when walking or leaning forward. When doing that, focus on your heels, too. If heels are lifting when you’re doing any kind of activity, it means probably that the size of the boots is too large for you and you should try a smaller one.


Snowboard boots should make our feet and legs feel comfortable at all times but, at the same time, they should be tight enough. This will allow us to both have normal control over our snowboard and to feel comfy while doing it.

It would be fair to conclude that a good point of reference is making sure we feel the lining on the boot around our feet, but not allowing it to be tight enough to smash our toes.

Choosing the right boot size is certainly one of the best things you can do before getting on your snowboard, as this will make sure your fun is not ruined by painful feet or the impossibility of not steering properly.

So, pick them carefully and let the snow games begin!

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