GUL Fastnet Deck Boots Review: The Top-Notch Sailing Boots

Sailing may seem a fun and relaxing activity to do barefoot, when the weather is nice and it’s summertime. However, if cold rain hits you at the middle of the sea (or if you are a professional), then you certainly know the importance of keeping your feet protected. GUL Fastnet deck boots have been known as one of the top-notch sailing boots today, so we’re giving them a review to check if that’s true.

GUL is probably one of the most popular brands of watersport equipment out there and it enjoys a large public of faithful clients worldwide. They have a few successful sailing boot editions already, but are their Fastnet deck boots one of those, too?

What Makes a Top-Notch Sailing Boot?

Let’s start with defining what any top-notch sailing boot should be like, shall we?   

There are not many features that sailing boots need to provide, but these few need to be impeccable if we wish to define them as top-notch.

  • First of all, sailing boots need to be entirely waterproof, as their main purpose is keeping your feet dry and protected from cold water. That is why we often see them in rubber fabrics, but the best of the best are mostly produced in Gore-Tex and leather combinations.
  • Secondly, they must have anti-slip soles, to avoid falls on the wet rolling decks. Also, such soles need to be non-marking so that no damage is done to your vessel’s deck.
  • Lightweight is another feature we’ll be looking for in good sailing boots, as we don’t want you to feel that every step you take is heavy on the deck. You have other things to think about while sailing.

GUL Fastnet Deck Boots Review

Before heading to the main features of these boots, we just really have to mention how great they look. An extremely elegant combination of navy-blue mesh panels and slightly dark tan leather details make these high boots look very sophisticated.

Now that their design has received a huge ˝thumbs up˝ from us, we have to admit that other features are great, too.

Firstly, the fabrics of these boots are high-quality. The very nice leather upper, along with breathable mesh panels, will provide complete protection from water to your feet. Additionally, their waterproof AQUATHERM membrane will keep your feet warm but with allowing sweat to be wicked away.

Their GUL marine soles are slip-resistant and come with Cordura rubber uppers, which are completely non-marking.  


  • Leather fabrics with breathable mesh panels
  • Flexible construction
  • Removable cushioned EVA footbed
  • GUL marine soles with Cordura uppers
  • Corrosive-resistant eyelets and AQUATHERM membrane.

All in all, a top-notch pair of sailing boots, indeed. And we love the fact that, as opposed to some other versions of GUL boots, their Fastnet version comes with slightly elevated heels. This will surely add to stability and comfort.

Buying Tips

As any other sports boot type, sailing boots should also fit your feet perfectly.

Never buy a size larger, as this could lead to feet ache but also to water getting into your boots from above. Sailing boots should be really snug around your calves, but not tight, to keep flexibility in your movements.

As opposed to some stiff boots, sailing boots are quite soft and flexible. This leads to an easier fit. And consequentially, there is no real necessity of trying them on in-store. Simply measuring your feet and comparing these measures to the producer’s size charts should contribute to a simple online order.


Are these boots really top-notch?

After reviewing them ourselves, we can easily state they really are. High-quality materials combined with innovative technology and a beautiful design surely are what makes a top-notch pair of sailing boots.

Are these boots very expensive?

For the extreme quality they offer, they are actually more than affordable. Their price is mid-range, but their quality is superior.

Are they easy to maintain and durable?

If you remember to rinse them off with tap water after sailing and avoid using fabric softeners when cleaning them, your GUL boots will last for a long time.


We hope this review helped you to make any final decision for your next sailing boots.

Fastnet boots are reliable, comfortable boots with a very sophisticated design. A true top-notch pair of sailing boots, if you ask us.

Do you have any experience so far with them? If yes, we would love to read about it in the comment section.

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