Drysuit Boots Replacement Procedures

In this article you will learn how to do drysuit boots replacement. So, let’s go.

Preparing for your next diving adventure but your boots are leaking or are simply dated and you want to replace them with new ones?

Procedures of Drysuit Boots Replacement

No worries, we got you covered. Below we have prepared an article for you, explaining all of the main dry suit boots replacement procedures.

Rock Boots

Rock boots are probably the most popular type od dry suit boot nowadays. They are great for people who like walking in them as well, or for people who like beach diving. They are super simple but also provide great ankle support and traction. Additionally, they are very durable. However, if you ever need to replace them, they have the most simple procedure ever. It is necessary to just get a new pair of rock boots and start wearing them instead of your old ones.

Rock boots are commonly used in a combination with neoprene socks. These will allow your feet to have more heat protection. Additionally, they are easy to patch once they need to. Your rock boots can be laced up over neoprene socks, to keep the air from collecting in the boots.

Turbo Boots

Turbo boots mostly come in neoprene materials and are much softer, but still offering harder soles. They are a bit higher than rock boots and get attached directly to the suit. Turbo boots, being soft, are a great choice for advanced divers or those who like finning. Their main advantage is offering great flexibility to your ankles.

Replacement procedures for such boot types are a bit more complicated. They require cutting off the entire boots from the dry suit and gluing on some new ones, so be prepared for some additional expenses here.

Turbotec Boots

Turbotec boots are very similar to the previously explained turbo boots. However, they surely are more durable, so probably a better investment, if you ask us. This type of boots comes with aramid fiber reinforcements on the heels and toes, which are the areas of highest wear. However, if you happen to need to replace them, be prepared again to the need of cutting them off when replacing with new ones.


Replacing your dry suit boots doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore. Yes, it depends a lot on the type of boots you choose, but we hope this article has helped you a bit with your decision.

Rock boots, in a combination with neoprene socks, are our favorite. What is yours? Do you have any other suggestion to share?

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