How To Do Boot Styles For Big Calves?

Do you know how to do boot styles for big calves? This article can help you to get the solution properly.

Being a lady with bigger calves can sometimes be tricky when choosing the ideal pair of boots for you. That is why we have prepared this brief guide to help you out with some tips and tricks.

What Not To Wear

Actually, there is only one answer here, if you ask us. Never ever wear mid-length boots if you have larger calves. They will cut right at the middle of your calves and will draw so much unwanted attention.

Big Calves Boot Styles

However, any other kind of boot style will do just fine, so don’t stress about it- please.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are surely the ultimate choice for any lady with big calves. This kind of boot cuts right above the ankle, leaving your calves free and unattended.

The trick here is to go for high heels. Actually, the higher, the better. Also, the slimmer your heels are, the slimmer your calves will seem.

High Boots

Any style here can look amazing on ladies with bigger calves. What’s your favorite? Knee-high boots, or those reaching up to your thighs? Or even those that reach all the way to your crotch? You name it! The only thing you need to be careful about here is being sure that your boots are wide enough around your calves, so that you can both look amazing and feel comfortable. If you’re not able to find high boots with enough width to fit your calves, then try looking for those made out of stretchy materials. They will do just fine, we promise.


Having larger calves doesn’t have to mean that your boot style decisions need to be restricted. And we hope this article has proven that.

Mid-high boots are a big no, but any other will be up to the task, if you follow some simple tricks. Do you have any to add to the list? We would be thrilled to read some more tips in the comment section.

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