3 Best Thigh High Boots for Plus Size Legs with A Buying Guide

Thigh high boots are the ultimate winter footwear. If you have larger thighs, there is no need for you to give up on wearing such usually tight boots. Those days are over! Our article has selected a list of the three best thigh high boots for plus size legs, all at one place. Plus, of course, a buying guide.

We reach to wearing them when we wish to look classy, elegant and stylish. The silhouette we get from wearing thigh high boots is amazing, and it adds elegance to each and every outfit. We simply love wearing them all-day long, from work or casual combinations to special dinner events. Or clubbing!

We hope this will save you a lot of time in your search for the best pair of thigh high boots for plus size legs.

Top 5 Thigh High Boots for Plus Size Legs


For ladies who have larger thighs, the most needed feature is having enough boot width for the leg to fit nicely. You surely don’t want your boots to look crampy, but to get a nice silhouette and the perfect fit. That is why all of the boots from our selection have larger boot openings measures. Additionally, they come in stretchy fabrics or have side zips.

That is why, when summing up their main features, our list will look as it follows:

  • Wider top opening circumferences: to provide enough room for plus size legs, all of our selected boots have a 14 or 15 inches diameter.
  • Elasticated legs & Stretchy fabrics: to get the nicest possible fit, it is important for boots to come in stretchy fabrics. This will provide a nice and elegant silhouette to your legs.
  • Medium height heels: All of the selected boots offer a medium heel height. That way, your leg will surely look longer but it will still be comfortable for you to walk.

Our 3 Best Thigh Boots for Plus Size Legs

Now that we have covered all the basics, it is time to share with you our selection of best boots.

All of them can be easily found online. The value for money is really high here, as you get really good boots at more than affordable rates. Additionally, they come in different colors and patterns. An easy source of choice for the very different styles you wish to match.

1. Shoe’N Tale Women Stretch Suede Boots

These amazing suede boots add a real classy look to each outfit. They come in stretchy fabrics and they will fit your legs simply perfectly. They are just slightly higher at the front, which adds to the feel. You will easily find a wide range of colors and patterns here.


  • Suede fabrics
  • Rubber sole
  • Elegant but comfortable heels
  • Full elasticated leg.

Due to their wider, 14 inches diameter, your thighs should fit in easily. Additionally, the elasticated fabrics will help out some more with that.

2. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Faux Suede Boots

Dream Pairs boots are slightly wider than the first ones. They additionally have lacing at the tops, so that you can easily keep your boots up if you want a looser fit. These boots come with medium-height platform wedge heels, which look amazing on more casual outfits.


  • Faux suede fabrics
  • Lacing and side zips
  • Platform medium-height heels
  • Faux fur lining
  • Padded insoles.

These boots will surely fit any wider thighs very nicely. They have platform heels and a looser fit, so they make a great choice for daily combinations. On top of that, they come with faux fur lining. This will provide additional warmth to your legs during colder days.

3. Shoe’N Tale Women Faux Suede Chunky Heel Boots

Last but not least, our third choice is another pair of Shoe’N Tale boot.

These come in classy designs, ideal for evening fashion outfits. Their front is longer and come in faux suede or leather variations. Their back is fully elasticated, to provide a nicer fit. This will also ensure for you to pull them on easier.


  • Faux suede & leather fabrics
  • Side zips
  • Full elasticated leg
  • Chunky heels.

A great choice of boots for those ladies who have larger thighs but still wish to wear elegant and classy high boots.

Buying Guide

We truly hope that at least one of our suggestions meet your needs and wishes.

When buying your next pair of thigh high boots, the most important thing is to carefully choose the best pair for you.

Shoe’n Tale boots are both pretty tight. This will ensure elegance to your looks, but it is then more important to measure your size properly. Make sure to measure both feet length and thigh diameter. If this fits to the size chart of the boot, you are good to order.

On the other side, if you prefer a looser fit, the Dream Pairs boots will probably be a better choice. On top of that, you can feel free to order half size larger boots. They come with lacing at the top, so this will ensure they stay up even if looser.


To wrap up our guide to buying thigh high boots for plus size legs, let’s go through some frequently asked questions together (and our answers, of course).

Do I have to wear loose boots if I have plus size legs?

Absolutely not. The time of plus size ladies wearing loose boots or ankle high boots is over. All of the three boot types we suggest are perfectly capable of being worn on larger legs.

Is it necessary to order a larger size of thigh high boots?

It is not necessary, but you can do it if you prefer obtaining a looser fit. And additional space can easily be covered up with a pair of thick socks.

Do my boots need to be elasticated?

If you have larger thighs or legs in general, it would be good to buy boots with elasticated legs or made out of stretchy materials. Or both. This will help you getting a nicer fit, and all the boots we suggest are doing exactly that.


Wearing thigh high boots during wintertime is one of the small things which make us feel better about ourselves. They add elegance and classy feels to each outfit. On top of that, they provide extra warmth to our feet.

If you have larger thighs, that doesn’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy different styles of high boots. It only means that you have to choose them carefully. And today, this is exactly what we wanted to do for you. We hope you’re going to feel amazing when wearing them.

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