Top 6 Best Snow Boots for Wide Feet

Christmas songs have been playing on our radios for some time already. And what bounds a family over Christmastime better than simple joyful moments? From building snowmen to snowball fights, all that matters is that we are happy and dry. And if you usually have trouble in finding the perfect pair of boots because of wider feet, here comes our selection of the best snow boots for wide feet.

They will fit you perfectly and keep your feet warm and dry during any kind of fun activity (and less fun activities, too).

Main Features of Snow Boots

People mostly wear snow boots during extreme weather conditions, so it is crucial for them to provide protection and warmth.

Additionally, they need to be comfortable, as walking on snow is already hard enough.  

The main features which we look for in a good pair of snow boots are:

  • Waterproof and lightweight fabrics will ensure for feet to stay dry even when walking on deeper and softer snow. At the same time, every step you take won’t feel heavy.
  • Warm insulation is another key feature for any winter boot, as we would never agree leaving the house without our feet being warm.
  • Anti-slip soles will make sure there are fewer slipping accidents. Walking on snowy and icy surfaces can sometimes feel as a real danger, so anti-slip soles are a feature that every good snow boot should have.
  • Comfortable insoles will be extremely helpful for longer walking or standing hours.

Our Selection of the Best Snow Boots for Wide Feet

Today we selected six pairs of boots to review, as we really wanted to include different styles of boots. We also wanted to include boots for women, men and kids. The whole family!

They all have wider toe boxes, so will fit people with wider feet just fine.

1. ALEADER Men’s Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

To start, here is a real classic-looking pair of men boots.

They come in an elegantly black look and are available in two different designs: with a strap or with an elastic lace at ankle-height. Such added features allow a more secure fit but also an easier pull-on.


  • Lightweight PU coated synthetic textile rubber
  • Anti-slip and flexible rubber sole
  • Cushioned footbeds
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Seam-sealed waterproof outsole.

Aleader boots are a very nicely designed pair of snow boots. They are functional, modern and durable.

2. HOBIBEAR Kids Winter Snow Boots

Our second boots of today’s selection are Hobibear boots, ideal for kids and toddlers.

They come in several color options and you’ll be able to find designs both for girls and for boys.


  • Warm plush faux fur lining
  • Antiskid flexible rubber sole
  • Synthetic toe cap
  • Hook and loop closure.

These make a very good pair of snow boots. Kids will have dry and warm feet in them, and parents won’t have trouble when pulling them off.

3. GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots

For those kids who have more colorful designer wishes, here is a very cool boot style. And it comes in more than twenty different design options.


  • Lightweight waterproof fabrics
  • Textured rubber sole
  • Cotton furry lining
  • Hook and loop closure.

Gubarun boots are a very affordable winter footwear which will make your kids happy and your account balance almost unchanged.

4. ALEADER Women’s Cold Weather Winter Boots

Another Aleader pair of boots are now carefully selected for women. And they look amazing!

They are lightweight, have a super nice (but also functional) front lacing and upper faux fur details.


  • Waterproof lightweight fabrics
  • Seam-sealed construction
  • Fully cushioned collar
  • Secure lace-up design
  • Cozy and warm lining.

These boots are a fashion-friendly choice of functional winter boot. They will keep your feet warm and dry during the coldest weather conditions, but they will also look great for a walk through the city streets.

5. BomKinta Women’s Snow Boots

BomKinta snow boots are a more casual version of women’s boots.

They only reach until ankle-height, so they are probably not the best option for walking on deep snow. On the other side, however, this makes them lighter and adaptable to different outfit combinations.


  • Quick-dry vamp upper fabrics
  • Anti-slip rubber sole with high elasticity and resistance
  • Warm artificial plush lining
  • Lightweight and waterproof fabrics.

These ankle-high boots come at affordable rates but really make a high-quality pair of boots. On top of that, they look simple and elegant, and are available in various color choices.

6. DREAM PAIRS Women’s DP Snow Boots

Last but not least, a very eye-catching pair of snow boots for classy ladies, with just a bit of edgy look added.

These mid-calf boots have a warm and soft faux fur lining, with additional faux fur details at the top of the boots. They have a side zipper closure and a front lacing system, which guarantees stability and a good fit.


  • 200g Thermolite insulation
  • Side zipper closure and front lacing
  • Decorative buckles and faux fur details
  • Anti-slip rubber sole.

We can easily conclude our review of these boots stating that they do offer an amazing value for money.

Buying Tips

Snow boots are one of those boots that don’t necessarily need to fit perfectly.

Obviously, if they are too small, there is no other solution than ordering a larger size. But on the other side, if they are half or one size larger, a thick pair of socks will fix the issue.

That is why ordering them online is highly recommendable. Follow the size charts and there should be no issue at all.


Are all these boots suitable for wide feet?

Absolutely. We have carefully selected them to fit wider feet.

Are they all high-quality?

All six boot types are more than affordable and offer a good value in exchange for their prices.

Do snow boots need to have the perfect fit?

If your boots are a bit larger, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.


We hope you enjoyed reading our review on the best snow boots for wide feet.

We have included boots for the entire family and hope that snow games can now begin! Would you mind sharing your experiences?

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