Top 3 Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet And Big Calves

Thinking of hitting the slopes this winter and still haven’t decided on your new ski boots? Well, having wide feet and larger calves doesn’t have to mean that your boot search needs to be stressful. On the contrary, we have done the job and are going to share our top three best ski boots for wide feet and big calves.  

Ski boots are really specific sports boots.

In order to ease the performance of complex activities, ski boots need to have so many features. And in order for all these features to perform properly, boots need to fit perfectly. If you have wide feet and big calves, then you certainly know how tricky this can be sometimes. That is why we have selected the three very best, hoping this will ease your decision.

Top 3 Ski Boots

  1. Rossignol Pure Comfort 60 Womens Ski Boots
  2. Salomon S/Pro HV 80 IC Mens Ski Boots
  3. Salomon Men’s S/Pro X90 Cs Ski Boots

Main Features

If we want to define which features we always search for in a good pair of ski boots, our list will look like this:

  • Comfortable and warm insoles will provide great support for long hours spent skiing, walking or simply standing in ski boots. At the same time, your feet will feel warm even on lowest temperatures.
  • High-grip soles are something we often search for in ski boots. Typically flat at the bottom, for being able to connect to skis, ski boots often tend to make us slip when walking. That is why every high-grip feature on soles is extremely helpful.
  • Ideal shell stiffness is probably one of the most important features of every ski boot. The stiffer boots are, the quicker and better will power transfer to your skis. On the other side, stiffer boots will often feel less comfortable. That is why finding the perfect combination for yourself is crucial.
  • High-quality buckling system is another key feature we search for in ski boots. A high-quality buckling system will allow you to get the perfect fit in your boots. If you don’t, you won’t be able to control your skis properly. Additionally, the materials used need to be long-lasting. You will find yourself adjusting ski boot buckles several times a day, and you probably also don’t want them to break at the first fall.

Our Selection of the Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet and Big Calves

Now that we have covered the main features that we look for in ski boots, here is our choice of the three best. And, of course, we have carefully selected them to fit perfectly wide feet and larger calves.

1. Envy Ski Boot Frame

To start, we have chosen a pair of ski boot frames. They are a good choice for those who already own a pair of inner boots (or snowboard boots) and simply wish to upgrade their frames. Alternatively, such inner boot solutions can be found at any better ski equipment shop or even online.

Envy ski boot frames are super adaptable: they are unisex, their flex rate is ideal for intermediate skiers, they come with adjustable lengths.


  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Unisex
  • Practical to take-off and put-on
  • Flex rating: 100.

Envy ski boot frames are ideal for intermediate skiers who prefer comfort over ski control.  On top of that, they come in a different range of colors and are super suitable for skiers with larger calves.

2. Apex Ski Boots Antero XP Topo Edition – Big Mountain Ski Boots

For advanced and expert male skiers, here is an extremely innovative and modern pair of ski boots.

These boots come in two parts: walkable inner boots and open-chassis frames. This allows for practicality and comfort on one side, but also major lateral stiffness on the other. Apex boots are definitely high-performance boots which allow powerful energy transmission while skiing.


  • Inner walkable boots with superior 360-degree support and full-traction outsoles
  • Open-chassis frames with extreme lateral stiffness
  • Boa lacing system with 20 points of closure
  • Lightweight and extremely durable fabrics
  • Adjustable forward flex: 115, 125 and 135.

Apex ski boots make the perfect pair of ski boots for any adventurous and experienced skier, allowing his performances to boost to the very maximum. We love them!

3. Apex Ski Boots Antero-S Topo Edition – Big Mountain Ski Boots

Since we loved our previously selected boots that much, we just had to include the Antero-S version, too. This time dedicated to ladies.

They are very similar to the Antero XP actually, but come in lighter colors and without the 3PS instep strap.

  • Inner walkable boots with superior 360-degree support and full-traction outsoles
  • Open-chassis frames with extreme lateral stiffness
  • Boa lacing system with 20 points of closure
  • Lightweight and extremely durable fabrics
  • Adjustable forward flex: 95, 105 and 115.

An amazingly innovative pair of boots that makes a lifetime investment.

Buying Tips

As any other functional and performance-lifting type of boots, ski boots must fit you perfectly.

What is great about all three options from our selection is that, due to their modern two-part system, they are easier to order online. Inner boots tend to be much more similar to snowboard boots, which are simpler and easier to measure.

If you decide to order your boots online, please make sure to keep an eye on some key points:

  • Measure your size and compare it to the producer’s size charts.
  • Make sure that boots are compatible with your skis.
  • Check which flex rating is best for your skiing level.


Are all these ski boots suitable for wide feet and big calves?

Absolutely. We carefully selected boots with wide toe boxes and precise buckling systems.

Are they very expensive?

Both Apex boots are highly valued, but you will in exchange get a long-lasting pair of high-performance boots. Envy frames are a more affordable option.

Are they suitable for all type of skiers?

Envy frames are best suitable for intermediate skiers and those who prefer comfort, while Apex boots are an amazing choice for advanced skiers who prefer performance.


We hope you enjoyed our adrenaline-infused article today.

Have you already found the perfect pair of ski boots for yourself? Is there any other suggestion you’d like to share for those who are still searching?

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