Top 3 Best Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Boots For Women

Hiking has been one of the favorite weekend activities for several years already. From simple walks in forests to mountain peaks conquering, hiking activities are this year more popular than ever. And for your next carefree hiking adventure, we have selected today the three best lightweight waterproof hiking boots for women.

If you have ever tried hiking while wearing unsuitable footwear, you are then very well aware of how stressful that can be. From uneven and sometimes muddy terrain, to snowy or rainy conditions, good hiking boots need to cover them all. Otherwise, you would be having wet or aching feet and hiking would become a real nightmare.

What Makes the Best Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Boot for Women?

What makes a good hiking boot is certainly comfort, stability and safety.

The main purpose of hiking boots is to keep your feet warm and protected during any kind of weather condition and any type of terrain surface. Additionally, another imperative is for them to offer a comfortable base for hours and hours or walking.

All of the above should be obtained by some key features that we look for in a good hiking boot:

  • Lightweight fabrics will allow for your feet not to feel as they are doing some heavy lifting with every step you take. Modern technologies help boot manufacturers to create extremely stable and resistant boots without the need for them to be heavy as they used to be. Your hiking performances will get so much better with lightweight boots.
  • Ankle-heights are a necessity for any hiking boot, as this will ensure for your ankles to be protected at all times. Walking on mountain terrains, especially when descending, can often lead to wrong steps and ankle sprains, so boots that cover ankles surely offer more stability and safety.
  • Waterproof fabrics are just as important as the first two features. Your feet need to be warm at all times. You will be spending long hours far from civilization when hiking and what you bring with yourself if what you have to wear until you get back. That is why boots which can protect your feet from mud, rain and snow are essential.
  • High-grip and anti-slip soles are one of the first things we look for when trying new hiking boots. It is another key feature that can sometimes literally save lives when finding yourself on a mountain.

Our Selection of the Best Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Boots for Women

Now that we have defined what makes a good hiking boot and we know the main features that we will be looking for, let’s proceed with a brief review of each boot we have selected today.

1. Forsake Patch – Women’s Waterproof Premium Leather Hiking Boot

The first boots we selected come in a sneakerboot design. They are made out of premium oil-tanned leather, which adds to their weather resistance. They are also very breathable and light.


  • Premium oil-tanned leather
  • Peak-to pavement outsoles
  • Breathable sweat-wicking lining with anti-odor treatments
  • Front lacing.

Forsake Patch boots are a good choice for almost any hiking adventure. What is great about them is that they’re great for wearing all-year round, so you basically need one quality pair of hiking boots only and no need to invest in more.

2. BenSorts Women’s Snow Boots Fur Lined Anti-Slip Warm Winter Boots

Focusing on wintertime only, these boots will provide great protection at more than affordable prices. Definitely a fashion-friendly choice too, with nice simple designs and faux fur lining for extra warmth.


  • Anti-slip rubber soles
  • Faux fur linings
  • Soft and breathable fabrics
  • Completely waterproof during snowy weather
  • Front lacing.

These very affordable boots come in a various range of color choices and have very nice designs. They will also do great for a snowy walk in the city.

3. Xero Shoes Men’s Xcursion – Zero Drop, Fully Waterproof Hiking Boot

This is the most expensive boot of today’s selection, but also the one with highest quality. It is a great choice for hiking beginners, but professionals will find them amazing too.

What makes them special is the extreme lightweight and the natural, non-elevated heel. These boots allow your feet to feel completely natural while hiking. With extra space in the toe box for toe movement, flexible soles for maximum agility, and ground-heel heights for balance, these boots are a real hiking treat.


  • Extreme lightweight
  • Flexible FeelTrue rubber soles
  • Non-elevated heels
  • Wide toe boxes
  • Very flexible

Zero Shoes Xcursion boots are surely part of the hiking boots revolution. They are extremely light and flexible but at the same time offer great protection and stability. An excellent investment for any real hiker.

Buying Tips

If you have decided which hiking boot suits best your needs and wishes, you are then ready to order.

First of all, it is crucial for the boots to fit perfectly. Descending on uneven terrains in too large or too tight boots can lead to serious injuries sometimes. So, please don’t order a size larger thinking that a thicker pair of socks can fix it. Proper foot size measurement is an imperative when buying hiking boots.

If you decide to order your boots online, they are super easy to find.


Are all these boots wearable all-year round?

BenSorts boots are great for snowy days, but it will be too hot hiking in them during hot summer days. The other two types of boots can easily be worn all year long.

Do I have to order one size larger?

Please don’t. Your hiking boots need to feel as the perfect fit, or you are otherwise risking injuries and aches.

Are all these boots very expensive?

We always do our best to find mid-range prices at great quality. However, hiking boots are always a bit more expensive due to the many features they need to provide. Lastly, a good hiking boot can last for years and years.


To all the hiking ladies out there, and those who think of starting such nature activities, we hope today’s article about the best lightweight waterproof hiking boots for women helped. Not only in defining how good hiking boots should be like, but also in helping you find the perfect pair for yourself.

We would simply love to read about your hiking experiences in the comment box!

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