5 Best Hip Boots for Hunting with Buying Guide

For all of the hunters out there, there is no need to spend much time searching for the best hunting boots anymore. Knowing how much time research like that takes, we have prepared the ultimate buying guide on the five best hip boots for hunting.

With wintertime approaching, it is a real shame not to enjoy some quality time outdoors. This year especially. And that is why it is extremely important for our feet to be warm and dry. Otherwise, spending time in the winter nature wonderlands would not be fun at all. Don’t you agree?

We find a quality pair of hunting boots an essential part of every warm outfit, and we hope you agree. If you do, below you can find our selection of the best ones. Together with their buying guide.

What Makes a Good Hip Hunting Boot?

Hip hunting boots, even if their name says differently, are not used by hunters only. They offer amazing protection from water, so are often the first choice for fishermen as well. Additionally, people often use hip hunting boots when gardening or when doing larger washing activities.

So, if we wish to create a brief list of the best advantages of the boots we selected today, it will look like this:

  • Water protection is the ultimate reason that makes a good hip hunting boot. Your feet need to be dry at all times. If you’re walking through muddy areas, puddles or even rivers, you will surely want not to think about having wet socks or getting bit by an insect.
  • Lightweight of a boot is also very important. If you use boots just for a quick walk to your garden pond, you will maybe not mind. But if you’re preparing for an hour or more of walking, then you probably think same as us. Boots need to be as light as possible.
  • Comfort is always one of the crucial features of any kind of footwear. The boots we have selected are comfortable indeed. They provide great gripping traction and help you avoid skidding. Additionally, they have comfy soles and are easy to wear!

Our Top 5 Hunting Hip Boots

As already mentioned, today we have chosen a list of five hip hunting boots. They are all available online and offer the best value for money out there.

1. Magreel Hip Waders

These are probably one of the boots that offer best quality for a lower rate. They come in cool army-green colors and have a pair of very simple but useful two-button adjustable straps.


  • Strong stitching
  • Heat welded
  • Thickened sole
  • Additional feet collision protection
  • Completely waterproof.

Magreel hip boots are a great choice for all kind of adventurers who seek for affordable but quality footwear. They are extremely light so are ideal for all activities, from hunting to exploring ones.

2. Caddis Men’s 2 Ply Rubber Hip Boots

Another great choice for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot but still wish to wear a quality boot.

They come in 2 ply rubber, which makes them a bit heavier than the Magreel boots, but it also makes them more protective. Especially a good choice for clamming, for example.


  • 2 ply rubber
  • Knee harness
  • Steel shank arch support
  • Lug soles
  • Belt loop straps.

Caddis hip boots are an excellent footwear that offers great protection. Not just from water, but also from other external factors. They will surely keep your feet both dry and protected, at affordable rates.

3. FISHINGSIR Hip Waders

These boots may have very classic fishing looks, but they are not that classic at all. Actually, they come in modern rugged rubber variations, which are much lighter and softer. Additionally, they come with different types of straps, so you can adjust them more individually.


  • Takeup straps & closure straps
  • Additional feet impact protection
  • Chemical protection materials
  • Cleated sole
  • Rugged rubber fabrics.

FISHINGSIR offers an amazing value for money, being the most affordable pair of our selection. Still, your feet will remain completely dry. They are a good choice for sport activities too, having water intrusion protective features.

4. Galeton Repel Footwear Steel Toe Hip Boots

This specific type of boot is a good choice among professionals, too. It is made out of thicker rubber but is still very flexible. It has additional steel reinforcements to keep feet protected during all times and is super easy to take off.


  • Smooth polyester lining
  • Kick-off lugs
  • Steel shank & steel toe
  • Belt straps included.

Galeton boots are super protective and durable. They are just a bit more expensive than the first three we selected, but are a good investment for all those who look for having extra protection.

5. Duck and Fish Fishing Wader Hip Boots

Last but not least, another type of extremely light and affordable boot.

Duck and Fish produces boots in 420 Denier PVC materials, which makes them one of the lightest hunting boots out there. Also, this makes them very flexible and durable.


  • Cleated outsole
  • 420 Denier PVC
  • Additional room for larger thighs.

These type of hunting boots are surely very handy when it comes to fun nature adventures. They will keep your feet warm and dry, but also allow you to walk easier. Once again, they are very light and flexible.

Buying Guide

Now, after going through our selection of the best hip hunting boots out there, let’s see how to choose the best for yourself.

The first question you should probably ask yourself is, what do I need these boots for? If you’re planning to wear them for some brief gardening maintenance activities, then the cheapest pair will probably do. Right? You will probably be looking for a pair of boots that will keep your feet clean and dry, but you won’t mind if they are not the best choice for hours and hours of standing. On the other side, wearing comfortable boots is something you will want to do while spending hours on hunting or fishing activities. So, you will probably also be willing to spend just a bit more of money on them.

Go for lighter boots if you plan safe activities, but choose reinforced boots if your feet need extra protection. The best way to find the perfect boot for you is to adapt your wishes to your needs. That is exactly why we reviewed them separately, where their best features are listed at one place.

Once you have done that, the next step is measurement. Make sure to dedicate a few minutes of time to measuring your feet and ordering the best size for you. All of the listed boots can be easily found online, together with size measurement tables. It is always good to order half size larger boots, to have enough space for wearing thick socks.

You are now ready to order your hunting boots. Can’t wait to try them on!

If your size is not right after all, please don’t panic. Boots can be returned and exchanged with pairs of different sizes. Some of them even offer a twelve-month guarantee.


To end our hunt on hunting boots today, let’s go through some general questions about them.

Are all of these boots easy to find online?

Absolutely, just search for their names and choose your favorite online store to buy them.

Are all of them 100% waterproof?

Yes, they are. As mentioned at the beginning, the main feature we look for in such boots are their ability to protect us from water.

Which type is the best?

This depends entirely on your preferences. However, all of the boots we selected offer great quality and value.

Are they complicated to wear?

Getting hip boots on or off can sometimes be a real nightmare, but our selection took care of that. All of the boots we suggest come with either appropriate lining or with straps. That makes them easier to wear but also to adjust heights.

Do hip hunting boots need to be expensive?

No, not at all. As any other kind of boot, there are various brands that list their products at different prices. Most of the boots we present today are actually under a hundred dollars, but still offer great protection and comfort to our feet. And they look good, too!


Whichever nature adventure you’re planning for this winter, we are sure that you can find the best hip hunting boot among the five we suggest.

These are all boots that will keep your feet dry and protected, which is their essential duty. Additionally, they come in modern colors and trendy materials, some of them extremely light. And the best part is, you don’t have to pay a small fortune to have them.

Do you have any experience with any of these types of boots? If yes, care to share them?

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