Top 3 Best Alpine Touring Boots for Wide Feet

For all the true motorbike lovers out there, today we are reviewing our selection of the best alpine touring boots for wide feet.

Motorcycle touring is one of the favorite activities for many men across the world and touring along snowy idyllic landscapes really brings to a special state of mind. Doesn’t it?

So why wait for springtime to turn your motorbike on? Make sure to have the proper winter gear and you are ready to go.

To ease your choice on the right boots, we hope that you will find the ideal for yourself among our suggestions. Or, at least, a better idea of what you really need.

Main Features of the Best Alpine Touring Boots for Wide Feet

Touring boots are all about protection. Protection from water, protection from exhaust pipes, protection from falls… the best boots need to provide it all.

When it comes to winter touring, you will definitely want your boots to be more waterproof and properly insulated, but still breathable enough to allow natural skin breathing. Additionally, such boots need to provide the right levels of flexibility and control. Along with some other features.

  • Waterproof and breathable fabrics will keep your feet dry at all times but will allow your skin to breathe at the same time.
  • Lightweight and durable construction will make movements much easier without losing the durability and protection performances of the boots.
  • Warm and comfortable lining will not only keep your feet warm during cold weather conditions but will also make it much easier to endure long touring hours.
  • Proper buckling system is an essential feature for any good touring boot, as it will allow the perfect fit for great bike control, but also enough flex zones for the best performance.
  • Solid reinforcement around toes, ankles and shaft will guarantee your safety at all times.
  • Wide toe boxes will provide enough space and a great fit for riders with wider feet.

Top 3 Alpine Touring Boots for Wide Feet Reviews

Alpinestars is probably one of the most popular and trustable brands of motorcycle equipment today, and that is why all three boots from our selection come from this brand.

All three boots have a distinctive, classic black look, which makes them simple to style with any touring outfit, but also easy to clean and maintain.

On top of that, they are all remarkably similar in terms of their value and the quality they offer, but still in a different range of styles and performance features.

1. Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar Men’s Motorcycle Touring Boots

Let’s start with the boots of highest value among our choices.

Corozal adventure boots are quite high and reach almost until knees. They are made of a combination of PU-coated leather, microfiber and suede leather. What is best about them is that they have an innovative buckle at ankle-height, which allows for the rider to adjust the perfect level of ankle flex.


  • Multi-material upper chassis
  • Two latching buckles and a Velcro latching top
  • Extensive front and lower rear accordion flex zones
  • Integrated breathable DRYSTAR waterproof membrane
  • Breathable and warm interior lining.

These boots make the ultimate pair of alpine touring boots. They are ideal for long demanding touring rides and most suitable for real adventurers. A pair of boots you surely want to be wearing in case of falls.

2. Alpinestars Men’s Belize Drystar Boot

For shorter rides or those who feel slightly less adventurous, here comes our second choice of boots.

The Belize version is actually extremely similar to the first one, with the difference in the height. These boots will reach until mid-calf, so it makes them lighter and suitable for less extreme weather conditions.


  • Multi-material upper chassis
  • Two latching buckles
  • Breathable DRYSTAR waterproof membrane between upper and lining
  • Ratchet with memory and a quick locking system with self-aligning design
  • Toe box and heel counter reinforcement layered under the upper.

Belize boots are a great investment for any touring rider, as they will work very well both on cold and medium outside temperatures.

3. Alpinestars Men’s Radon Drystar Motorcycle Riding Boot

To conclude our selection, here comes a solid pair of boots at more affordable prices.

Radon boots will reach until mid-calf, similar to the Belizes. However, they have a hook and look strapping system instead of buckles. This makes them lighter on one side, but maybe just a bit less solid on the other.


  • Technical textile collar lining
  • Three adjustable lateral hook and loop grip straps
  • Removable anatomic footbeds
  • High modulus midsole with shank reinforcement
  • Vulcanized compound sole.

These all-black boots are one of those universal types of boots which can be worn during cold winter days but won’t overheat your feet during summertime, either.

Buying Tips

As for any other pair of protective and high-performance motorbike boots, finding the perfect fit is crucial.

However, this doesn’t have to mean that you need to try them in-store. Removable footbeds are a great invention that can help with any final fitting details, so it should be enough simply measuring your foot and ordering the appropriate size.

Make sure to check the size chart of the producer first, as different types of boots have different sizing specifications.


Can these boots be worn all-year long?

Corozals are best for cold months, Belizes are suitable both for cold and mid-temperatures, while Radons are a universal pair of boots.

Are all these boots expensive?

Radons make a more affordable solution from the first two, but experienced riders will find the first two choices an incredibly good and long-lasting investment.

Are they all waterproof and protective?

They certainly are. All these boots will keep your feet dry as well as protected.


We hope you found our review of the best alpine touring boots for wide feet helpful. Or, at least, interesting to read.

Do you already own a pair of Alpinestars boots? We would love reading your experiences in the comment section.

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